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Looks like another person discovered this asdasdasd. This is becoming more not-secret.
Oh, I'm really banned? I warned you, bitch. I would come back anytime. What a asshole you are.
@Growlie: Why is there a lot of Tails characters which are female?
Italian is Mario's original language.
Non ho idea di quello che stai dicendo.
@plasma_knight303: I saw "Marionic" in the internet. Somari is a pirate game.
UPDATE! *dances*

Thank you PDoogan! I LOVE SMB3!!
Two Weegees uncounsious. Wat a drag.
Poor Weegee.

He's actually uncouncious.
I wanna make a TV Tropes page for this comic. NOW. If someone did set up a TV Tropes page for TAS, then I'm gonna do the same to this comic.
Mr. L took off his shoes, and will fight with socks? Ew...