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Yaoi, smut. xD
Sorry I was reading yaoi before I registered.
Just ignore that.
I'm clean I swear.
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I hope your friend get's better.

Don't take what Miss. N says to heart. this is something you wanted to do for fun. and we know you have a life, it really get's in the way and you don't has a much time to do things. We understand. Just take your time. Life is too short to stress over small matters. Keep your chin up and support your friends as best you can.
I love your story because it' fresh and new. It makes us happy and it makes you happy. Do what makes you happy.
Love you Yassa.
This page gets me all the time. Midori's.... unusual.
Cute comic. <3
So far it's interesting. Great plot.
I can't wait to see how this comic improves and grows overtime.

How'd she get suddenly so strong? <3
lul this totally made my day
So unexpected and different. Luff.
So cote. ;___;
I'll never eat a marshmallow again without remembering him.
My new favorite quote.
The name drew me in.
It looks soooo cute so far.
That was interesting...
September 12th, 2007
It's on sistah I'm a crack a can of whoop on your ass.

Leave em alone I had pepsi.
So shiny and cute. :D
This so makes my day.
2 days of being Junior and I'm already a bit sick of it. Y.Y;;;;;;;
Whoa that can happen?
O3O I bow to your awesomeness.
Pretty pimp! x'D
Nirvana! I thought they'd say band or something.
September 1st, 2007
Ze fucking bubbles!

Atleast theres no insane sparkling. x'D
August 31st, 2007
Aww but we think you're pretty and talented. ^_^

Edit: (ties up the guy and beats him with a stick) >3
Kids... :D
The mind funk is over!

Ish enjoying the comic now.<3
For some reason this scenic pisses me off. This is what happens when you read poison and then start reading this immediately afterward. Culture shock. D:l