Hi, my name is kzuich.

I like drawing cute comics. YAY :D
Sometimes, I draw not-cute things, too.

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Chapter 01 Page 14
Another fun page to draw. :3

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Conveniently withheld from the investors...or really anyone else interested.
Chapter 01 Page 13
I don't wanna find out either, Olibots!
(Ah... wait, I already know! xD)

See you guys on Thursday!
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Chapter 01 Page 12
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Ch 01 Page 11
One of my favorite pages I've drawn :3
Love drawing all the little hearts.

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Chapter 01 Page 10
How's he gonna spin this one?
Poor DR...:(

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Page 09
Hm, looks like the 'bots pulled a disappearing act!

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Page 08
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Chapter 01 Page 07
Ohhhh dear. Olibot's in trouble.
Chapter 01 Page 06
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Page 05
Oh this can only end well!! :'D

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Chapter 01 Page 04
Wake up, Pear!!

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Chapter 01 Page 03
Ugh...Poor Olibot! D:
Well, we'll see how this arrangement goes...

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Chapter 01 Page 02
Wooo those Olibots are too cute.

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Ch 01 Cover Page!
This should've been first, but there were some little adjustments I needed to make before uploading it.

But here it is- Chapter 01! Or...the cover page, anyway!

What might Pear and friends be up to today?
Chapter 01 Begins!
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