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destroying things, hating people alot but dont attack all the time or ill cause a corruption in people and etc now leave me be
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Ah the good old days.. I had these for a while. I was going through old files and rediscovered the first 4 keys on the left going to the right. It brought back memories o3o so i decided to finish what I started here and finish up my set. and my friends set...and anyone who asks for a keyblade....or a doughnut....and coffee....
Ok so now that I'm done with this I'm going to be continuing the Hell Chapter series when I can starting 10 years later. Hopefully you'll understand how Divine here fits in
Thank god I don't have a metal clone...that would be horrible
ik im rarely on now but i've been workin many jobs lately and rarely get a chance like this to upload. sorry peeps :P
bye foxy :o we wont miss you
ok my reaction-lolololololol- all night
Im in here now
I know
Im late on posting and yet no one noticed i ever existed in this comic archive XD
thats when i go "Eggman you mother of all damn shitting fuckers! HELL YEAH I WILL HELP!"
thank goodness it takes heavy damage to kill you going crazy
well that was fast
just thinking....
I wonder....what are the recolors gonna accomplish in fighting us all T.T
@Kurona: even though im half a year off on this: yes i did know :l