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you guys are TOO crazy. TOO crazy.
oh it is! it is!
haha, always loved this comic. a while ago you commented my comic saying update more so i just thought i'd tell you my hiatus is over. aight, bye.
Holy mutha o' gawd, this is some good comic-goodness.
I've gone and resized it so it doesn't fuck up your eyes every time you attempt to look at it.
oh my god genius
My donater code expired today.

I am actually SO sad.

So, read the comic here:
nice stuff! really good work!

also, sorry for my nose being atrociously large
This is pretty good. Nice drawings, pretty funny. Keep it up.
The style is bloody amazing, really nice comic.
well, everyone loves homosexuals!
ahhh, i sure do hate kyo
bod miniz are single pages what i like to do sometimes.