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What to say...
well, my name is GlowingRain (that's not my real name, in case you wondered).
I live in... , yes, Belgium, the place where people are so happy to live, that they keep on writing songs about it. I happen to live in a real-life musical! Just joking..

Oh, and anything about me... I love to write and to read. And to go outside. And I love animals. And... lets just say, I love a whole lot. Too bad some monster always eats my time.

That's it! Nothing interesting left to say!
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I'll stay on board, and will wait patiently for the reboot :)
I've been following this comic since I-can't-even-remember-when, so, I'm absolutely curious where this is going.
So, here's another fan you won't lose :)
Yay, Riza! We hadn't seen her for a while. Somehow, I seem to have missed her.
So, I finally sat down to make that fanart I promised. And realised that I can't draw. Like, at all. Except stick-figures maybe or really geometrically figures that will take me a day to calculate. So... sorry.
But then I came upon an idea some days later. I guess I'll keep this one till the next contest, 'cause I know my brain will be blubber again by then. So, you'll see it then ;)

Qotu: yeah, I think we all know what is going to happen now. Even more so since Daemian already told Riza a few chapters back.
Hai Hazumirein,

sorry you didn't get a whole lot of entries. I meant to make something but since I can't draw, and I'm a perfectionist I tought about it for too long and... *sigh* let's just say I never got to the point of actually sitting down.
Maybe I'll send something in in half a year or so. Who knows :) . Once I get this great idea.
What I really wanted to say is that, altough I never usually comment, I really enjoy reading your comic. Just so you know.
And last, what I would do if I had ice-powers? Probably keep them hidden until there was some great danger or something. Seems like a usefull secret.
(Or I'd build a castle, like that girl out of a movie I once saw. A castle for pinguins, 'cause I could never live there. You know, the cold and such ;) )
@Guest: So it was.

Too bad you ended the series. One year after you last updated it, I was still looking forward to the next page.
Start a witch hunt, for Dae!
No, I think they are going to scrape themselves together, and probably set up a camp to recover. And talk. Mostly about Dae, and Atturo.
that's the best reaction she could have had. I don't believe the rest of them will react as positive. Except Nirako, 'cause to my opinion, she already knows of Atturo. And he's also the reason she turned blind.
Mine would be a library. Full of books with knowledge, books with my memories, my ideas, ...
It's baaaaaaaaack. I've been looking forward to this day :D . Thanks for bringing it back!
I believe page 21.8 magically disappeared. I know I read it, but can't find it right now. :/
I've always loved this comic -it is one of my favorites- and I must say, loved this chapter. I have the feeling that from now on, the main story actually started rolling.
Furthermore I would like to point out that I enjoyed all the pages lately. I was somewhat losing my feelings with the comic, but since the updates started to flow more regularly, I am back to being totally in love. (And I really get that you're not always able to post pages because of life, don't get me wrong, just wanted to say that I've been feeling rather spoiled lately, with all the pages)
So, what I wanted to say was, love this comic, love the story, love the art, the charcters, just... thanks for making and sharing this :D
So he really is alive. Glad to see so.
That's just creeeeeeeeeepy!
Run Ilona, run! Or hit the wolf with your basket. Or your fist. Or foot. Or feed it poisonous mushrooms. Just make sure you get away!
If my friends asked me that, I would be like "I don't do no bed-talking". My opinion: not their concern. Privacy police on mission ;)
I had already forgotten all about the judge... so, he's still around. Interesting :p
Spotted the look-a-like of the main character of the new series :D.
I made milkshake on Valentine's Day. Pink milkshake. And... that's about it. :D
@JigokuNeko: I'll think about that when planning my trip there ;). And maybe I should learn some self-defense as well, you never know what that might be good for.
Well, this is interesting!
And I so wanna walk around in that village! It looks so nicely warm, even at night!
Except for the ice of course...
I didn't expect her to turn back! Don't think I would have :p. Way to uneasy conversation :p.