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I like reading manga, watching anime, and eating pocky with my cats.
I hate going to boring school and running laps for gym.
I am currently obsessed with vampires and yaoi,narusasu fan.
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Plz dont throw all your fans away
I like your sparkly shojo bubbles.
This was a bad ending to a pretty good story
I love this comic please update soon.
The day I faved this it was in english I cant read any other language what happened?
Please no not the cliffhanger!!!
Ya sure its all his advances (sarcasm)
Thats sooo awsome but kinda melodramatic
February 13th, 2008
I like Rei he looks really awsome.
February 3rd, 2008
Thank god its not another dream and if it is dont let them wake up.
She is really scarry like MPD -runs and hides-
January 19th, 2008
They both look depressed in the first movie scene but I like the shopping scene.
I like the last one with the bell.
What happens to audrey!!!!!
January 10th, 2008
OMGWTFBBQ thats great I love this story vampy mermaids and all.
Evil lying seme's hes such a cute trusting uke. Kawaii
OMG so cute!!!
January 2nd, 2008
This looks like quite a frightful mess what will happen to Boi?
Poor little emo T.T
Im soo glad your back love the straight forwardness Thankyou for the coloring.