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bla.hi.i'm manboyman's bro.
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OMG so funnah.
i just killed him...then made him alive,then kiled him agin and did it around in a circle.
i can't believe he killed mah bro...*brings him back to life then kills him*
whos that guy my bro. freed?
acthaly,i'm not manboyman i am Tails doll.
Hyperguy's light atack won't afect.(you shold know 'cos in Luigi's Mashon.)Only G.A.D.D. water affects us.My bros. the god of lightning.(Pika and Picu can't affect)Tails Doll,Kitsun E-man,and Rylas might have a chance.
YeAh 'COs REpeAT wHAt I SAid IN ThE LASt ONe.
tHE ONly OnEs THaT ARe NicE tO MANboyMaN ArE Jr. OF DOom AnD E-mAn.
They better not kill my bro.(manboyman)or i'll kill them!
manboyman(my bro.)said:my bro.(neo_fire)is gonna kick yo @$$!
Oh and,i'm manboyman's brother!can i fight alongside manboyman?
What i look like?A red drybones(but i look diferint in my comics)with sunglasses.