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The last panel is so cool...
A hole in the ground.
@mayoroftuesday: Wait... what? So there was actually a lizard the size of a school bus? O_O
Me in the last page: WTF???
Me in this page: Holy crap this is going to be awesome.
Hold on... maybe this is what Atrus "sees"... like at the beginning, with the lizard!
@larkinheather: I think the change in detail actually helps the mood. Before, it was as Atrus says in myst 5 "the tedious life in the cleft", but now that the plot is moving forward, things seem more concrete and a bit less mysterious. Like it's the same place, but in a whole different light.
@larkinheather: Not to mention John Keston was freaking awesome
Heh. This page made me think of Riven:
"Father?! Father?! I am no longer your father because you are no longer my son!" *pow*
@larkinheather: That thing is more amazing than an amazing zebra
The last panel is hilarious.
Oh boy, they're leaving soon! I'm really excited to see the great shaft!
You can just see Anna holding back the anger...
@Emor D'ni Lap: Indeed
@Kaveman: Oh, it was? Shows what I know about anything. :P
Just noticed something
Just a little nitpick, but a few pages ago Gehn says "I am Gehn, son of Atrus". To avoid confusion, shouldn't it say "Aitrus"?
@larkinheather: You're not the only one. Didja hear about RIUM+'s Myst book?
BTW, didn't you say you were going to have the fissure full of stars scene? When is it?
Yay! You got Gehn exactly perfect! Great job!