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December 19th, 2012
And so it begins....O.O
December 13th, 2012
Wah just started reading and I'm so loving This! Can't wait for the next Update!
Multiple personalities? :/
Oh my what he hiding...X3
Lol she has become my new fav!
Don't run! Don't Run!... :0
Yay Update!!!
Lol I love her...XD
I am totally mesmerized by your manga!!!
@ Izumi Hikaru :Thanks for the tutorial...=] and I'll deffinatly check for your new manga...XD I hope you can return to this one as well though! Thanks again...=D
I read it all today and Im so loving it...XD
How did you tone with photoshop Im a newb with it...>o<
lol...XD Richi always finish the book!!!
This is goin great, can't wait to read more...=D
Alice you got a big job having to handle them...XD

Im loving this!!!
he didnt say she wasnt his woman!!!! XD
HAHA I like the teacher...XD
Lol I'm loving this guy!!!
I am loving your webcomic....=]
Haha my mom complains about my hair too...XD
Skate for YOUR LIFE!!!