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I have currently finished one comic in my life, May the Rain Come, which is available for you to read on Smackjeeves.

Right now I am working on my sci-fi comic, "Jupiter", which is ongoing.

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@marcorossi: Yep--he will feel the guilt until the end of his days, but for Otto he will smile.
@dracone: He's already 40--he'd better get to it!
@Scia: ~^.^~
Mrs. Wilcox's death was a burden for both of them... this makes it a little more tolerable.
@JustBingedItAll: Thank you!
But by funding all these roboticists has Jupiter partially led to his own future obsolescence? Probably, but it was the right thing.

Otto mentioned his scholarship way back in chapter one (PG15) --'bout time that came back!
Well that was a crazy couple of months. Back to Jupiter!
It seems Jupiter has always been a presence in Otto's life. :0
@DawnStar: Thanks!
Otto's too old to act like a fifteen-year-old about this mistake. But Jupiter obviously hasn't forgiven himself.
@PupTamesCartoons: Thanks! I'm happy people are still reading it!
Jupes is a bit of a giver-upper when it comes to tough relationships. :0
@Pardryll: Three months.
Blue being Blue. :)
@Scia: I re-uploaded it. Let me know if it works. :)
Some ups and downs.
Jupiter is being really hard on himself--does he deserve part of the blame?
Now Jupiter's reaction to the robot toy back in chapter four (PG14) all makes sense.
I'm guessing Otto did not become the tough guy his dad wanted...
The final page of The Stargazers! Finally a little bit of peace between Harald and John... though I'm guessing Astrologers and Astronomers in general still have a lot of friendship building to do. X'D

And look! Exup has appeared on Chronicles of Dru Map in the "Countries" section. :D