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I have currently finished one comic in my life, May the Rain Come, which is available for you to read on Smackjeeves.

Right now I am working on my sci-fi comic, "Jupiter", which is ongoing.

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Some serious talk between Harald and John.
Finally got that wound bandaged up. (We can probably thank Red for that.)
Well, while Jupiter's on the slab, let's open up his box of secrets, shall we?
But his police did not remain loyal to him.
No more family (Tom), no more police. What does dear old Jupes have left?
@Dovahquill: Awww, thank you so much for the thoughtful comment! I'm surprised and happy that people are still finding this comic.
Since you enjoyed it, feel free to recommend it to some friends! ^0^
And it did indeed grow old... but now he's getting his second new one...
@brinmckinney: Thank you for taking the time to read it!
A tough time for Jupiter.
One more little revelation for this week coming from the title page.
If you've read the comic, you can probably guess whose hand that is.
@V-C: Yes, that's right.
Finally, Jupiter's and Otto's bumpers have converged! But what does it all mean?
@BeretCat: Seems like Jupiter made a big mistake SOMEWHERE along the way... :0
@dracone: He's 40. :)
Could be--we'll see!
Jupiter has some explaining to do.
@Tepig16: :D
@Tepig16: Thanks!
Now that my new job's beginning to become routine, it's time to jump back into Jupiter yet again! Why is life so crazy these days, I swear!
Just... relax for a moment, Otto. We got some craziness coming up soon!
@SÅ‚owik : They can't talk either, but here we are.
Enter the Genie!
I had a little space on this page so I drew in some little fidget Genie hands.
I had a hard time with this page... only because I drew it once and then LOST the page and had to draw it all over again. X'D
Luckily, it turned out better the second time around anyway.