I have currently finished one comic in my life, May the Rain Come, which is available for you to read on Smackjeeves.

Right now I am working on my sci-fi comic, "Jupiter", which is ongoing.

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Reirse gives away his last tie to his little brother. ;-;
Good ol' Woemfol is always willing to help. ^.^
Gozloew and Reirse venture into the butterfairy dimension.
I don't care what anyone else thinks, I think elephants are kinda scary. X'D
Otto knows his girl!
Awww, look at Blue, sleuthing like her persnickety old man.

Jupiter's already mentioned before that he's been trying to distance himself from human robots, so it would make sense that he doesn't know much about how they work.
Reirse returns!
@dracone: She's certainly learning a lot as we go. I'm glad you've noticed all this!
@Dragoncat: Thank you for reading it! Good to know how long it takes to finish. :)
Jupiter really does have a big ol' blind spot when he trusts people too much.
@Kingfish: It's mostly based on WWII (Most of the outfits the characters wear are from the '40s), but there are some discrepancies, this being a fictitious world.
Thank you for reading!
@heliumsquid: Yes, I live!
As you'll recall (Chapter05, PG05), Jupiter was the big reason the Civil War never took place.
Ironically, now both governments are out to get him. :0
@Oblivious-Man: His ability to kill is a hard-wired issue that Otto would need to actually spend more time with Red himself in order to fix.
At least we know Tom still has a soul. Not sure he can be convinced Jupiter has one, though.

The more observant of you may have noticed Red uses contractions now. Hehehe. It's such a pet peeve of Otto's that he actually took the time to make that addition even though he was in dire straits.
@Thorin: Yep!
@dracone: Nice observation!
Time for the bots to take matters into their own hands.
@Ian Evans: Thank you for leaving comments!

Because the purpose of the comic was to show what happens AFTER the war, I figured being ultra violent wasn't necessary.

Thanks for reading it!