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I have currently finished one comic in my life, May the Rain Come, which is available for you to read on Smackjeeves.

Right now I am working on my sci-fi comic, "Jupiter", which is ongoing.

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Would've had this up last week but my scanner is being an a-hole.

And with Jupiter's one word from before Earth comes a feeling, too.
So many possibilities! But most simply... it probably means Jupiter wasn't alone at some point.
And 'gun' in this case obviously does not mean 'weapon'. Haha.
The first Mermaid story of Dru!
Only the robots will ever know.
@PoliticalPear: Thank you so much for leaving a comment! And hey, if you tell one person about it, I'd be grateful!
After twelve chapters we've finally come back to the first mystery of the comic! Jupiter's first word ever on Earth... (prologue PG08).

Place your bets! What DOES "Gungitr" mean?
@marcorossi: Yep--he will feel the guilt until the end of his days, but for Otto he will smile.
@dracone: He's already 40--he'd better get to it!
@Scia: ~^.^~
Mrs. Wilcox's death was a burden for both of them... this makes it a little more tolerable.
@JustBingedItAll: Thank you!
But by funding all these roboticists has Jupiter partially led to his own future obsolescence? Probably, but it was the right thing.

Otto mentioned his scholarship way back in chapter one (PG15) --'bout time that came back!
Well that was a crazy couple of months. Back to Jupiter!
It seems Jupiter has always been a presence in Otto's life. :0
@DawnStar: Thanks!