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I thought the silhouette looked sort of male...but that could just be hair.

Another tease is cruel though. =]
Credit where it's due, Darius. That was merciless.
That Elfdar is proper dead.
Well it's some fantastic shading and coloring.
Very lickable as well, I think.
First: get well soon. That's messed up.
I'm trying really, really hard not to make a "in Japan Rape is the best medicine!" joke, but I can feel it gestating in my brain.

Second: yeah I should have submitted something. It's not personal or any lack of affection for Eatatau; I didn't do _anything_ in December (I did however get fired from my job =P).

Third: you do all the factions proud, and that's something to be proud of (I've been re-reading the Night Lords series by ABD, and goddamn the Eldar are stupid-by-necessity in what's an otherwise above-average trilogy).
ADB's a Black Library professional writer, one of their best, and even he can't do the setting the kind of overall justice that you do regularly.
The Nyds, the Elfdar, -the fight's too close to call. Nobody's got Spess Mehrine plot armor, and that's damn good.

Finally: Bring back Selene! (obligatory). =]
That's what I like: some black freakin' humor.
Poor Princeps.

Great action, too. I like the Black Reaver in particular.
Very kinetic feeling.
Well now.
Johnson cleans up quite proper.
Nice shirt, mate!
I do see all the questions about Selene got evaded. -_-
Also, yeah. Nice set. I like the light effects in particular.
Never would otherwise ask...?
Is Selene, or any of the other Wyches alive or dead, flexible enough to give herself head?

Alternatively/additionally, do Deldar breakdance or pop and lock?

In either case a demonstration is requested.
Thank you.

<3 Eatatau! I hope the Fateseer's ok, they never seem to get a break.
I hope she stays around; she's neat.
And sexy. That counts.