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Name: Pat
Age: 15
Interest: reading/writing, music (punk/rock/emo etc. will listen to other genres, but I'm a fan of this genre, mostly), yaoi, Panic!slash, FOB!slash
Dislikes: a lot of things, but they're not really worth mentioning.
mpreg? heir?

lawl. nice one.
wait. what. whoa.

waw. 030 I KNEW IT!

lol at first I was like "oh snap, Seiger was a prude therefore, no old man-once boy- buttseckz"

but then the last panel. fwrawr. speaks volumes.
dun dun dunn!! this is the part where he learns something about his father and his fathers father and his fathers fathers father!!! *holds breath*

happy birthday to my brother, last year lol
wahaha! lol I totally DID go back to look =3 *shameface*


yeah. Today is... 366 days since this was posted?
Wah! I'm actually crying now! I thought that Kai was going to DIE!!! *weeps*

*sniffles* that was touching...
WAAAH!! I thought I was going to CRY! brilliantly done!