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I like darkness, evil, and chocolate. Especially dark chocolate. I HATE sunlight, preps, and fakes.
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I have a new collab. with my friends, it is yaoi and yuri. It would be an honor if you would grace us with your prescence. *laughs at corny old english*
...*stares* Oh my gawd! Poor Aud! I dun like that smile that evil dude is giving him....
I love Jack the Ripper too! I can't wait until this updates again!!!!
That is so priceless, and true. Hehe, this coming from a GIRL. XD
I love your artwork! :3
Wait....what are they gonna do with those emotions? Don't sell them, people!
wh00t! GAY RIGHTS!!!! I mean, not allowing gays to marry is like not allowing blacks to sit on the front of the bus.
*dies* I LOVED THE COMIC! Now what will I read in computer class?! Erm....I mean.... NOOOOO!!!!! But, if you feel like quitting, it is your choice.
XDDDDDDDDDD I almost died. I laughed so hard and loud, my cats ran away from me, and my mom came in and asked me what was wrong. XD
I think I might know, but I won't tell. ^_^;
*presses next button constantly* I WANT MOOOORE!!!! ToT Oh well....I'll wait patiently.... *stares at page with the attentiveness of a five year old* O.O
Aww! How cute! ebil plotting little Mikeal!!!! This is getting really good. BTW, I LOVE Your art and the storyline!!!
Ooooh, kinky! Veeery kiiiinkyyyyyy!
Awwwww! Poor Oden! *sneaks up behind Rothbart* *evily forces him to save Prince Siegfried* And, Odile ish funny. XD
I SERIOUSLY hope this isn't What I think it is...... XD