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What are you doing here? .__.;;
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I feel this so much right now... I never really got sunburnt before in my life because my skin is naturally tan. So I went to the beach for 6 hours without sunscreen.
So. Much. Regret. x.x I'd dunk Aaron in aloe if I could.
Poor Aaron. My heart is breaking
NAH MAN. If he was dying I think his family would be there? Unless I missed an important talk from the author lol. I BET HE'S MOVING.
Bird is too cute asfgkfak ; ;
Oh my gosh that last panel <3 Yes! This is probably my new favorite page. This webcomic is so sweet. I love Aaron's short speech. (I say 'speech' but it's really not that much dialogue, it looks fine to me..?)
You also work!? Omg you powerhouse! <3 Thank you for making time to draw these~
@Toradora5683: Right! xD I was like "What!?... what..."
That was good advice. ;_;
(Oh god I am NOT learning lessons from a BL comic lmao)
"Well that was the gayest thing I've ever done..." xD Omg this comic. WHY DID I READ THIS PAGE SO EARLY
Pretty boys and winter~
/immediately jumps on board.
Love the atmosphere.
ugh my heart
Daniel... You even spazz in texts.

I thought the way you portrayed the voice in the back of Louis' mind was very realistic. For those of us who have ever freaked out this badly over something (or someone), this scene was very relatable. The black haze, scribbles, jumbled text, body language, and perspectives or close ups in some panels captured the feeling perfectly. Very good job. I'm wondering why his 'shadow' is still smiling though? I guess to add on to the idea of its general indifference to his plight? Or because we all have a voice that laughs and tells us how ridiculous we're acting? Well anyway, good job.

(too soon?)
He's adorable in the suit!
October 27th, 2013
This is the best family
I think it's cute! Maybe Louis will appreciate the effort, and not get weirded out by it.
September 28th, 2013
@Ayemae: Wow, the new site looks nice. Everything matches O: But yeah, I'll be there. Apparently I already have a Disqus account .-.

(omg yes it's almost October! Bring on the ghost shows)
September 26th, 2013
Oh my god it was Eli talking!? The entire time I imagined this grandma voice because of RedClause's comment on the decor a few pages back. xD

Panel 6 is interesting. I wonder if their emotions will have an impact on the environment around them / how things are perceived, because I have theories about that!

Or it's just a well done comic effect. Haha either is good.
@midnightflyer: OH GOD LOL bless you
September 12th, 2013
"Am I in the right house"

I laughed because this reminds me of whenever people walk into the wrong classroom and they don't realize it until they're already sitting down, wondering why everyone has math books out when it's supposed to be English. (guilty)

Anyways, it must be fun to color these pages. Everything looks so misty
August 30th, 2013
@Ayemae: LOL Oh if you didn't say anything, I would've spammed it for /days/ haha