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I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this doujin you have so beautifully drawn & written.
It saddens me greatly to see the illustrations end, but i can understand the lack of motivation *as i have come to the same wall =(*

Its a hard thing to say goodbye too, & will be greatly missed by so many people.
But what you offered us with your beautifully crafted pages will not be forgotten.
I am going to continue the written story on & after, will very much enjoy taking up your new stand alone project for reading.

beautiful work once again & thank you ^-^
HAHAHAH!!!! Renji's face.
one gesture & he gets it lol.
Classic haha. so loving this.
great work ^.^
BAHAHAH!!!!! Nel-chan... such a dainty little thing she is haha
New Desktop wallpaper!! hehe
beautiful page. Love it!
Somehow, i feel that Ulquiorra & Byakuya would make fairly good friends, given their prideful attitudes didn't get in the way lol
Nawwww lol...
hime-chan will have to put a lid on that kurosaki talk from now on me thinks haha.
poor Ulqui, feeling like he is constantly being compared to the strawberry XD
AHHH!!!! *happy dance*
Hime-chan is so cute when she smiles.
Ulqui is one lucky bastard hehe
SQUEEE!!!! hehehe.
so sweet... my teeth hurt lol
such a sweetie ^.^
HA i just love Ulquiorra's expression in the middle frame.
made my chuckle quite a bit heheh.
Love this *continues to read*
Oh! Beautiful!!!
it has been such a miserable day here for me. This page just made it all melt away.
beautifully drawn, i could just look at this panel all afternoon ^^
Beautiful page.
Rukia is so caring & renji with his hair out.
lovely. <3
@ca55i3: There was one when i clicked on the link from the smackjeeves site. Plus the icon was marked as mature content =)
Rukia: & incredibly more build , & lots of tattoos, & so much sexy &.. &... GAHAA *Pounces on Renji* haha
More!!! Update update update!!!
bahahaha mosquito bites XD
!!! NAwwwww
To sweet.
Rukia is his rock!
perfectly matched.
Love it ^^
*you better draw the lap dance scene...just saying XD!!*
Ah!, cannot wait to read more of this.
I haven't had a chance to read it for a while, But i have really enjoyed what you have done so far.
Anxiously awaiting the next pages ^^