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Vanity Blood
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Damn his HAIR!
I don't know...he has awsome bed head...wish my hair was that fluffy in the morning...or...whenever I wake up. >.>
I tried editing it a different way so the pannels and the heading may look ....different. ^^;
Enter the Brothers
Yay...There's Dante and Kane, finally. ^^; And what's that string connected to Dante's ear? It's supposed to be one of those earrings with the chain attatched to them...but I made it look like a string than that. ._.;; heheh.
yes...this is kinda...scribbly words... I tried to make it seem fuzzy and clear up, like how most noises are when you wake up. I think I acomplished that. >_>;;;
I'm alive!
Yay! Well, this originally wasn't the first page of the comic, but I thought it'd be cool for the sequence I'm now wanting to do. ^^; Horray for blood? O_o
man the last one looks like it was in pencil compaired to this one...but they were both made on a tablet on my computer O_o; ^.^;