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I am awesome...I party but don't drink I draw but not well. I write and i'd like to think its good but...I'm Emo I'm straight edge I'm flirty I'm jocky I'm geeky I'm a poser the list goes on and yes i hate labels.
I hate my life but i have fun anyway.
I'm that kid at the party whos sober but stupid the one whos shoulder you lean on and who cleans up your vomit.

I am me.
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Devon: "come on man she totally deserved it, help a brother out."
Peter: *Twump!"
Devon: *blubbers like a four year old*

I have known a few Devon like people, I have done my best to make each one suffer and (more than once) this involved violence. Was I right? No. But by damn it helped, one of them saw the error of his ways (ipso ergo: didn't want me wot kick his ass again)

This may not be the best tactic it does however make one feel better and send a clear "fuck you" to the offending party.
Kick his ass, after that do it again!
Peter: Fuck Yeah!
seeing this I just pulled a knife from my belt and went to go stab the mother fucker.
Shockwave: I'm with you.
This comic manages to convey some real emotion, I actually care about the characters despite their not actually existing.
So what I'm saying is i love both the comic and Mel and everyone else in this comic. Not including Devon who is a giant bag of dicks.
No way!
Congratulations my man, may it be a joyful union. You certainly chose an auspicious comic to grace your marriage.

Also this comic is (as always) amazing. A great portrayal of what an argument looks like form the outside.
I'd jump on board with a forum (like I did with the first one) hopefully this time I'd stick around, give it a go. Worst comes to worst people don't use it.
cellphone-sword shenanigans, the poor beast doesn't even get respect. Awesome comic.
well that last panel just got less blasphemous. When I first read this I thought it said "sweet Rapist christ" it sounds so banal now. Funny how perception does that.
I don't know what could be improved. This is pretty much my favorite comic and therefore I have trouble with any changes coming to it, I like the idea of a photo gallery attached though; one in which we can all show off our One Inch Punch tattoos and best attempts to look like our favorite character.

legbreaker: there is a donate button, it say "donate, help feed a starving artist" and is located at the bottom right of the comic.

Another addition which I would enjoy is an audio embed on the home page, one which plays the PoI theme music for the chapter which is currently in progress.

If you change everything or nothing I will still be here reading with great vigor as I have been since I discovered this comic years ago.
I know it isn't the case but all I can imagine from this is that Peter spent more than nine hours without blinking, staring sullenly into space and listening. He looks like a bit of fighting would cheer him, and his farmer muscles, up.
A really good dancer is sadly one of his smoother lines.
I really want Peter's secret to be that he is just a little to happy to dress up as a spice girl, I'm sure it is not but I would be extremely pleased were that the case.

More likely it is about why he had to leave home, some past conflict with authority which gave him the motivation to become the tie-bedecked rebel we see now.

Or maybe he is just remembering his child left behind in st. mitchell, could be anything really. Although a past romance which ended in progeny/abortion would be least surprising based on his history and his mode of thought.
I think gratuitous nudity is always justified.
I haven't mentioned it recently but I still love this comic.
I am guessing here but I think that is the guy from SixPinkWhiskers short shot. I realized none of us seemed to know who he was and rereading the achives i though that might be his face I saw near Wiley's.
I see you delt with the same cops as I deal with, what nice refined bastards they are.
I know this shouldn't bug me as much as it does but in the third panel Peter says gonna (going to) which is future tense and were which is past tense. I think an Are instead of Were woulf be geamatically correct.

Note to self: that was all probably intentional just showing a mode of speach. I guess I should just shut up now.
like JD I would love to see the Black and White pages posted somewhere so that I could compare awesomness to awesomeness.
many hobos I know get arrested in the winter: everyone needs a place to sleep. Also, there is never a better time for getting high than after breaking your foot and then mournfully playing a stringed insturment of you choice.

Although I have yet tom mention it I was one of the people who doubted that this comic would continue exellent in colour you style is so distinctive I couldn't imagine a really beautiful colour version; this page has convinced me that, even if it isn't my preferance, this will continue to amaze the masses (and myself)
I am honestly suprised that andy gives this much of a shit about a one night stand girl. A one night stand girl who sucks at rolling none the less.