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DON'T GIVE HIM THE BIG MACINTOSH APPLE JUICE IT'S TO ADDICTING. Poor luffinpuff going to the bar now I'm going to sit here and wait for his dad and the bar action fight
I heard grugg talk so I came back from the lake
This deathwish seems so out of character and poor purple orangutan that I'll call Steve he his client is walking away from him, I wonder if luffinpuffs dad is like the one from the Q&A
Keenly prefers ice? I thought he would be like a cutter kind of Kirby
Are these sprites from a just one game or ripped from multiple? Or Are they custom? If their just one game can you tell me what game is it because I really like the sprites.
That butterfly Changed colors in the last panel into a slightly more yellow-ish shade of black I wonder if it does that when it has emotion (which does not happen often) I've been seeing it a lot sometimes when she's screaming or making irritated sounds.
Also Remington you disappointed me today when it said Grugg I NEED MORE GRUGG SCREEN TIME BLARG
@Koopa1018: I loved the new episode but now every time I search discord in bing I can only find fluttershy x discord shippIng >.>
@Jarkes: I dont reed summary that much I jus look at the pictures o3o
@Jarkes: Oh yeah Ik that it wasent always a meme the just for sidekicks episode Is it really gonna be a spike episode? I was really hoping for it to be a cmc episode but I don't mind spike
spike episodes are cool
@Jarkes: YES discord was my favorite villan and I noticed the title is a meme, I also heard the other episode: just for sidekicks, is gonna be another cmc episode with the pets
Omg why is it evrywhere people are going insane saw today's comic luffinpuff is Insane then looked at 20xkirby kaxo is going insane I re watched an episode of my little pony pinkie pie goes insane I go to school my teacher goes insanely angry with me because i make the cclassroom to distracted to much IS EVERYONE GOING INSANE THESE DAYS?!?!?
@Princess_Eevee9: pony references pony references everywhere
When he said to look for chaos and discord I laughed so hard then I read it again again then I started thinking about my little pony's season 2 main villan

Damn ponies their show is to addicting
I have a strange feeling that because he said there's gonna be a huge conflict about those words I dunno like a rule in the imaginary friends laws to never make a child bored or something
I watched the hobbit the other day it was a great movie and this comic reminded me of a certain part o3o won't tell
Did Kexas punch the fourth wall into oblivion and let you free into the pop star Kirby world so you can do your evil deeds?
@SpeedBoostTorchic: I see how you referenced the comment with the comic derp
I'm 13 under suggestion list WHY AM I SO UNLUCKEH at least we're still alive
Well we're still alive them Mayans were wrong
I'm thinking the next people will be erics dad
Collab, some of Erics friends or Mr.deathwish