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@DamageTH: It'll be specified later but yes, as shown in issue 8, Blaze's eyes change color according to her mood.
@SpeedComics: The change was nessessary because Silver was very out of character
@GrovyleGoodbye128: Silver just said that his bed is the thing that's super soft.
@Snurple-the-Hedgehog: Because they can hear each other's thoughts
@GrovyleGoodbye128: Being that it's a fan comic, no.
@kcspice: I did? Aw dang, I'll try to clear up some of that, I'm super sorry about that
@SuperMoonImagination: Thank you! And it's also nice seeing you here too!
@DaBrokor: It might've improved a bit, I've been practicing my Sonic models a bunch, so maybe my practice is finally paying off.
Sorry for the wait everybody! Been super busy, but here's the next page!
@CarnageRulez312: Ahh yay! My life is complete!
@nyancat6650: lol, this is just a fan comic that I kind of wanted to change up a little. It has nothin' to do with canon, but I'm glad you like it!
@X Th: Mostly because it'll keep the suspense, because Shadow has yet to show that he has any chaos powers.
Isn't it a bit strange how knuckles didn't point out that there was some bright-blue (or cyan blue, what ever) shine coming off of Sonic's back spines? It's almost like... he couldn't see it.

Could he see it?

Could he?
@NotGuestman!!!: You wish is thou cammand, I'll make the next page ASAP!
@X Th: Thanks bro! I'm glad you like it!
@robybang: I'll make sure to make a thread then! Thank you very much!
@Royle McCulloch: hmm..very interesting. Thanks for the input!
@Felix Wind: :) Thanks for support! I'm really happy you like this so much!