Police Dispatcher and Pokemon addict. Also bird-watcher and hobbyist photographer. You can see some of my photography at (linked above).

So yeah, I'm over 50 years old and just "discovered" Pokemon about 4 years ago. Probably one of the older Pokemaniacs around ...

And, last but not lest, I am a student and reader of the Tarot. 35+ decks in my collection. :D
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I can't say for sure what Ruby is thinking, but from what she's saying and the look on her face in the last panel, she's not very happy about seeing Ana and the others.

I'm a guy and I try to be polite to most people around me. ESPECIALLY store clerks, wait staff, and anyone else who is helping me. It takes almost no effort on my part, and they're jobs are tough. If I can make one of them smile a bit or brighten their day just a tiny bit, it's worth it. (I've worked retail and it sucks!)

And I'll hold the door for anybody who is coming up behind me. And if someone is carrying stuff, I'll definitely hold it. I don't think we should base how polite we are to others around us based on their gender or any other label ... we should just be polite because it's ... well, polite.

(I'm using female pronouns for Ruby right now, because she seems to be enjoying being female and having people refer to her that way right now.)
Yeah, I gotta agree. No matter where this is going ... Ruby is adorable on this page!
June 19th, 2017
@NikuComics: Good luck with the moving! Personally, I rather dislike moving. But once you're settled in you do get to have the fun and excitement of learning the new area. I always especially loved learning the restaurants in a new area. :D
I'm also venturing the opinion that I'm glad you did NOT cut this page! Fara is one of my favorite supporting characters, and this just adds a bit more flavor. I love these kinds of things ... giving us little glimpses into one of the supporting character's mind.
@Corrin: Ooooo! Yeah, she does!
I think this image is a flash-back to her previous prom perhaps? I wonder if she met Chase after said prom.

I'll go on record as saying that the "unexpected" person which showed up in the Tarot reading I did a few pages back, is Chase. Major drama will ensue. (See my comment on this page; )
Yep. Perfect chapter ending.
Too late for the warning. Rain has already stolen my heart. :D
June 5th, 2017
This page just reminds me of The Fool card in the Tarot. The young person about to step off a cliff ...
June 4th, 2017
I read the back story. It was an excellent story and adds a lot to the comic! Thanks so much for linking to it!
I don't know. After all that Atty went through, and his wanting to actually earn the badge fair 'n square ... I think that's pretty cold. "No, we don't want to give you a chance to make amends and do it right ... eff you - get out!" I mean Atty showed some real contrition and demonstrated some real character. He's trying to grow and do this right. And now he's being told; "it doesn't matter whether you do it right or not, 'cause the people running the show don't care."
As Wyrmil (one of the baddies in the "Grrl Power" web comic) recently said; "I dislike relying on the foolishness of my enemies." Countless military leaders have learned, the very hard way, that you do not make plans that rely on your opponent making large errors or oversights. This whole plan just makes me cringe (especially in light of the Tarot reading I did for them the other day).

Rain ... please run your plan by Aunt Fara!
@CatPerson: Oooo! That's a thought that had not occurred to me!
June 2nd, 2017
@NikuComics: LOL! Just like Niku ... we will have to wait and see how accurate it is. :D
June 2nd, 2017
So ... Niku goes to the Tarot reader to ask about relationship possibilities with Taami (he, the reader, is using the Egyptian Tarot by Silvan Alasia if one wanted to look up some images). Five cards were drawn;

1 (General Atmosphere); 8 of Swords-reversed; Unseen hazards. For the most part there is danger lurking all around which will keep the two of you from being able to speak of any relationship which may be springing up between you. The feelings will develop but will have to be set aside, if not completely ignored for now.

2 (How Taami feels) Knave of Swords-reversed; At this point in time, Taami feels that you are rather naïve, especially where the dangers of the world are involved. As such, he feels a need to protect and guide you ... in spite of yourself. He feels a responsibility such as an adult might towards a youngster.

3 (How you feel); 3 of Chalices; You are happy to have him around. You liked him when you first met, but at this point in time you are unsure where those feelings will lead you.

4 (Obstacles); 2 of Pentacles-reversed; Trying to juggle too many things. Due to so many things going on around you and Taami and involving the two of you, there will be little time for romance to bloom for the time being.

5 (Advice/Outcome); 4 of Chalices-reversed; Things are doubtful at this time. Vultures are circling, waiting for the two of you to drop your guard. Now is the time to be concentrating on building a solid friendship/partnership. Although, romance may have a chance later on ...
I'm fairly certain that Father Quentin would come down on the side of the overtly religious point of view. He would not only prevent them from going to prom, Rain would run the risk of being expelled. And just as bad (probably much worse in Rain's eyes), if Father Quentin finds out that Rain is biologically a "boy", he will also discover that Aunt Fara lied to get her enrolled and has falsified many documents ... pretty sure he'd fire Aunt Fara on the spot. There would be no discussion and no amount of support from the rest of the faculty (such as Brother Arthur) would change his mind.

No, I personally don't think that Rain will risk outing herself to the administration here.

I did, briefly, think that she might be thinking about having Chanel dress as a boy. But upon further consideration, I don't think her mind would go that way for Chanel. Not to mention that Chanel is well endowed and I think that binding would be extremely uncomfortable for her.

Another thought I had was Rain getting a ticket in the name of Todd Bitner, and having Chanel use that. But I think that's a level of slight of hand that is probably going to fail. Not to mention that it would give Todd every excuse to be there if he discovered there was a ticket in his name.

Thinking back to the Tarot reading I did about the prom (a couple of pages back); I think Todd is going to crash the prom anyway. But I also think that we're going to have another character show up who we have not directly seen for quite a while. And between the two of them, there's going to be trouble. So, I hope that Rain can get Chanel in, because she and Maria are going to need all the friends they can get.

Wow ... this turned out longer than I'd expected.
June 1st, 2017
@NikuComics: LOL! That's pretty much what I was thinking!

I should do a Tarot reading for Niku ...

[Edit;] ... or maybe on Niku and Taami ...
May 30th, 2017
Happy Belated!
Dang it! It's 12:15 here now, so just into the 30th. I missed your birthday. :( I hope it was fun and you got some nice presents! Wishing you all the best!
May 29th, 2017
@WiispNightmare: LOL ... well, there is that too ...