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Hahaha yan ang nakakainis pag nakatali ang buhok, lumalaki ang forehead
..for he truly is a devilishly capable butler, isn't he? ^_^
Introducing my first 2 main characters! Incidentally, they're brothers.
Xavier --> water elemental
Lucian --> fire elemental
And poor Lucian, all stabbed and bleeding and emo on his rock. Anyway, let's get the drama started!

Artist's notes: Ugh, it's NOT fun drawing this entire thing on an ipad (no scanner, no photoshop, no nothing. Jeez!) So please bear with me when I have sketchy art, boring backgrounds, and such until I get this story out of my head. ^^; I promise I'm trying. Sorta.
Ahahaha a guy i know ^^;;;
Ganda ng art mo! Buti ka pa marunong mag photoshop -_-
It is not crap!!! ^_^
Yes i am looking forward to the next chapter of her charmingly (and enviously) cute romance story!
In the meantime, spare the fur of your neighborhood doggies ~_^
Yay!! Bring on the fluffy chapter 2 goodness!!! :D
Hahaha minsan nga may scoring system pa ga tambay a yAn
Cuuute! Im so glad i discovered this little gem of a manga :D
He reminds me of someone ^_^
Booyah, hello fellow pinoy! :D
Hot damn hes delicious! X_X
Must read more!!