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Eh, I grew up. I'll still be around, though I won't be as dumb as I was before.
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@Daz Keaty: you can actually revive horses if you find a hidden spring in the Southeast (it's really close to one of the stables)
Frankly, I don't think you need to worry very much about the motion controls. of the games they've shown, only Arms and 1-2 switch look like they'll be a requirement. of the rest, only splatoon and mario kart even look like they will have them, but it will most likely have an option to toggle them on and off. as for the third party companies, I highly doubt very many of them are actually considering to use motion controls. it seems less like a console-wide gimmick and more of just another feature that only a handful of games will actually use.
Would just like to point out that she wasn't announced for Smash, but for Hyrule Warriors legends
Why is this called fail mail 2? where's fail mail 1?
I'm good at math and I still hate it.
@ninjaxxxrecon: In 'Murica the tips go to the waiter who serves you or just go to the restaurant in general. the reason it goes to the waiter is because that is who you say your giving the tip to, it goes to the resturant in general if it is run by a greedy man (like the country itself).
I don't know what's funnier, that you keep mocking unspoken American traditions, or the fact that I've never actually seen them when I've lived in the U.S.A. my entire life.
keeby rulez
January 16th, 2015
skip Sonic hit Tails
@MMZX: I'm certain he's worried about kaxo not Shat'l
@Christal shard64: and the first time Kexas meets the KAS
@Luigi_96: Remember, Kirby has many different 'Modes' this is obviously his Panic mode or guilty mode.
@Kurona: why would ou want to fit into any crowd?
@MecanicalCH: not nearly enough faces to be ALL of his fans
I have an important message...Blue...That is all.
@Hyoxjnn: how about you stick a time bomb to his face.
@Syogren: technically your referencing my comment, which I mentioned milkshakes in.
@Ryjora: you are the only one to not have used milkshakes in your comment, nor reference it.
@Zero the hedgehog: you just said it would be better, but it was so expected...
I've played that level at least 5 times and that thought never came to mind