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"i see a little silouete of a man! scatta moosh scatta moose will you do the fandango! thunder bolts and lighting very very frighning me!"
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uh ohs! he wants butsecs! =0 pervert!
i am the great bungholio...
i came back to smack jeeves after a few months of internet free life, and i am amazed to find that my comic is even less popular. oh well.
d is for lysdexia
i keep reading "emo" instead of ebony...
that was quickly resolved...almost *too* quickly...hmmmm....
chickens = baily
my pet chickens kinda go WHOOP WHOOP when theyre like, fighting. its funny ^^
no offence,..
but you should do more work on this comic then the other, alternate. id love to see where this one is goin, and the dark humor is realy my type of thing.alternate is cool, but this is a hell-ov-alot cooler.
i knew something like that would happen^^
omfg roflmao!!!11 omg hax!
wow! awsome comic. i thought smack jeeves was just sprites of sonic, untill now!! yay!

btw... i play too, and if you need any help, id love to.anyways. great comic, keep em coming and yeah.!
you should totaly redo it as a ryhmming story. that would be the best, even though its hard to top this. yes, i know.}:D
this comic is based on a bumper sticker that iv seen around santa says "surfing sucks, dont try it." it was made by surfers, to keep away newbie surfers. this i made myself, and you can use it all you want, as long as u give credit to me ^^

this reminds me of a bumper sticker i saw in hawii that shows a bowl of rice, but the text reads from right to down then from left down. it said "cook rice, not ice" ice being a crystel meth type of drug, that needs to be cooked before taken. but i read it from left to right, so it said to me "cook not rice ice" and this was a bit confuzing. i might find a pic of that sticker and put it up...
please note
i have some VOCABULARY that i will NOT ALLOW and will delete any comments that contain such. i dont care about normal cus words or vulgarity, as much as "ghetto" words. these include:

nigga, or nigger
also, please refrain from using to much !33+ $q33c. one or two words of this is fine, and i won't delete if its three words but "OMFG ROTFLMAO TAHT TEH FUNNYEST TING I EVER SEEN! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL ^^" OR "dude, 1 m l33txor +#4n u! 411 ur
|34$3 R B3L0NG 2 US, N00B!!!" this kind of crap isnt excepted.if you talk like this, you are not leet. you are nooby.
please, PLEASE comment, but leave these type of words out. thank you, have a nice day.

p.s. im keeping jayhs comment cuz its my first, even if he has hella at teh end.
this one was actualy kindov funny. yay wrenchs!
yes.yes. chocolate is good. lets eat chocolate @.@