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Hi I like [some] comics, [some] video games, and, well, some TV shows.
Also, I love Jesus Christ (I am a Christain)!

Comics I'm currently working on:
-Power of Bonds

Comics I'm currently a part of:
-The Author Academy 2 (???)
-The Star City (Finished)

Comics I've finished:
-Sonic the Cat
Welp. We're boned.
Kinda wish the computer didn't go boom, but now...time to upgrade?
...Wait. The benefactor. Maybe...?
Aaahhhhhhhhhh peck.
Target acquired.
Well, EXCUSE you!
The heck did that come from?
Errors have been made.
Poor kid. Kinda wish she won't lash out at Static or Missfortune. However...
...Well, that's a really insulting name for the level 3 goons, giving them the same names as scavengers.
Also, BUZZ OFF!!!!
I dunno, Android...
Your arguments are becoming more and more flimsy...
It's almost as if...
...Nah, couldn't be.
You have got to be PECKING kidding me.
How many goons are there?!
Seriously! Screw off! Antagonizing a Super is not the smart thing to do, guys!
AA: If we kill you, the entire world will be saved from supers!
NPB: From what kinda logic do you draw that conclusion?
AA: The SHUT UP kind of logic!

...The actual freak, Bird what is wrong with you.
Elite Magpies now?
Uh...hiya? I've been away from the comic for, like, a year. I...really have no excuse for this. Well...except YouTube, but then I'm being petty. Sorry for not updating this comic in, like, forever. I'll try to get a page out soon.
C'mon, Harold.
Play along with them.
November 14th, 2018
This is depressingly meta as heck.
Welcome back.
Also. What is that scarf that drapes around RP!Ket's neck? Is no one gonna talk about that? No?

Just in time for my birthday?
How considerate of you, dude! :D

...Coincidences aside, I enjoyed the chapter!
Called it.
And yes, I did say that this girl was Missfortune in the past. I SAID IT.

...I do like the transformation sequence, though.
Was that a freaking Jurassic Park reference?

If so, much respect.
Methinks this is some kinda revenge.
@Squirreltastic-Blue: I would not be surprised. I'd be a little sad, yeah, but not surprised.