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Hi I like [some] comics, [some] video games, and, well, some TV shows.
Also, I love Jesus Christ (I am a Christain)!

Comics I'm currently working on:
-Power of Bonds

Comics I'm currently a part of:
-The Author Academy 2 (???)
-The Star City (Finished)

Comics I've finished:
-Sonic the Cat
Is this a test to see if we aren't dead or something?
If so, I'm alive!
I see.
I apologize for the late reply; I meant to respond when you posted, but, well, I had to attend a funeral.

Well, as for the two "conflicting goals" (I never really thought of it as such until you stated that, to be honest.), you more or less had it right. I do want it to be a faithful adaptation of the fanfic, but if I find a part that I can make funny or serious without changing the script all that much (ie. "OH THE IRONY", the Classic Amy "roast"), I'll implement the moment. To be frank, I started making those changes after your first review of the comic two years back (notified by the different font that I now use). I agree that the earlier author notes are rather awkwardly added (the ones in Chapter 1 will be removed), though I...struggle to comply with the one in Chapter 2 (Humorously enough, it just so happens to be the panel you chose to represent for The Problems.), namely because of what was written in the original fic. As for the ellipses...I'll have to get back to you on that.

Speaking of the original work, I realize that the fanfic is...flawed, for lack of a better word. As you mentioned, a number of the character interactions felt kinda forced, like the latter events of Chapter 2. This was something I kinda had to change a bit for the adaptation, as you probably noticed.

Regarding D.stortion's absence, I haven't been in as much communication with stortion as much as I really should. However, with my upload schedule as it is, I hopefully will be able to finish the comic after the fanfic is completed. Hopefully. All I can really do is continue the adaptation one comic at a time.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to review this little comic adaptation of mine. It was really an eye-opener. I hope the rest of your day turns out well.
Just as she was getting to her!
@GamingNinja: That wasn't really what I had in mind.
Ever had a second voice in your head that was able to talk you out of doing something stupid?
Well, let's hope Amy listens to hers.
@IamBlair: Or freeze it, maybe?!
Congrats on your promotion!
And it's good to see an update. :)
That tears it.
@Squirreltastic-Blue: I'm changing my icon.
Well, to be fair,
@IamBlair: if I were tied up on top of a tower and I saw people coming to save me, I'd be happy too.
That's deep.

...You're looking a little thin, there.
Like, PAPER thin.

You 'kay there, mate?
@IamBlair: He looks kinda happy to me.

But then again, what do I know.
This comic has no business being delayed this long.
Sorry 'bout that.
Just got out of college, and now I'm job hunting.

Anywho, here's an angry Amy. Hope you enjoy!
Aww, ain't that a nice mome-
...So the girl is afraid of spiders, and this dude is afraid of adult responsibilities being thrown in his face?

I can sympathize with that second bit.
September 28th, 2017
Oh, boo! Booooo!
*Smacked away by Phantom-Spider*
@Squirreltastic-Blue: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo...
September 27th, 2017
September 22nd, 2017
Better run and hide/transform/call Nick for assistance.
September 18th, 2017
Oh. OH! *laughs*

Ouch. I don't think that's what she meant, but... *shrugs*