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Hi I like [some] comics, [some] video games, and, well, some TV shows.
Also, I love Jesus Christ (I am a Christain)!

Comics I'm currently working on:
-Power of Bonds

Comics I'm currently a part of:
-The Author Academy 2 (???)
-The Star City (Finished)

Comics I've finished:
-Sonic the Cat
Oh sweet Chaos...
That pun.
I-I'm sorry, what?

I mean, that makes some degree of sense, here, but...are you fluffing serious, Shard?! XD
You're welcome, my dude! :)
Also, THIS is the end of the first season?! Wow, what a way to end it! Things can go in so many ways from here, so let's hope it goes up!

Also also, October? Alright. Can't wait to see what happens next.
Yeah, no. He ain't recovering from that.

Also, Lola, ya didn't have to freaking kill him like that. He's a lonely dude. He didn't...really mean that much harm...right?
Hope that settles faster than you expect it to.

Well, I'm almost finished with the KD Crew review, but stuff keeps getting in the way. So yeah. I'll get it out as soon as I can, then I'll see about what you were looking at.
You got it!
@IamBlair: That's more ammo for me! *evil laugh*
@Squirreltastic-Blue: WhAt'S yOuR pOiNt, BuD?

...Nah, I'm just kidding. But yeah, I still ship 'em.
@Squirreltastic-Blue: ...Well, you're not wrong on the latter part of the comic. least for me, that is.
Wait. I just realized...
Squeakers over there has a Fire Red Dragonbal-Er, Elemental Orb on his mask.


@Doth Geezer: You had to mention the "homophobic" bit, didn't you. *Sigh*

Well, I suppose, if you were serious about that apology, you're forgiven.
...Well, that was rude.
@Doth Geezer: A simple "no" would've sufficed.

But alright.
@Doth Geezer: You mind if I review it in his stead?
Somebody's gonna die today, boys.
"Trust me."
"You do NOT wanna piss *off* my dad."
Probably shoulda seen that one coming, though.
Ah, yes. This comic.
I remember reviewing this comic almost three years ago. (Holy cow, it's been that long.)

...And you gave it a lower score than I did. Wow.
Omae wa mo shinderu.
Are you freaking kidding me, Orange Blunder.
@Doth Geezer: Erm, do you have a preference as to who you want to review this comic?