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Any of his other remaining minions would be freaking out at this point, she just wants to know if she'll be the biggest kid on the block.
September 25th, 2015
Note how the individual's first question isn't what did you do to me and why was I in a grave.
Mikelos' clan does a lot of business as IT and specialized scan technicians for hire. Most Panoli clans have a decent chance of knowing the clan and IDing specific individuals.
Apologies for the delay. Hopefully I can get the next page up a bit quicker.
Feed the Beast
One ally picked up, time to get back to the city.
Alanon is provoked into a less formal response to Mikelos's musing. To be fair he's correct, before the invasion there were only 3 people in the entire Sulphur based C.D.C. that could be considered competent. Baslt, Taka and Veronica from the motorpool. (R.I.P.)
Snap Crack Pop
Been enjoying playing with the rain so far on this chapter.
A Death a Day keeps the Doc at Bay
The Goblin is making a dangerous play with "gifting" this curse to one of his remaining minion.
Wake the Dead
Apologies for the missed weeks. Will be doing a double update today and posting a 3rd page Monday evening to catch things up.
Missed one
Looks like Mikelos and Alanon missed something important.
Hat tricks
It probably should be noted that the Goblin has never been considered the most savory of characters. Plus you never know what he's going to pull out of his hat.
Grave robbing
In which inflection and depth is explored.
Seeds Of Hate
Where the Goblin brings up some minions from the minor leagues.
Corena Ero
Corena Ero is what's often referred to as a Panoli Princess. Ero is the proper indicator to their status within Panoli groups. They're 2 - 2.5 times the height of most Panoli and potentially the future matriarch of the clan.
Who's the old lady?
This finishes chapter one. Next week chapter 2 begins.
What do we have in our pockets.
Basically he's down to bringing in his non combatant resources.
Day late, Dollar Short.
Looks like even his backup resources were hit as well.
Double take
Apologies for the lateness of this post. This is the 2nd take of page 5, having lost the earlier page 5 after it had been halfway inked.
An actual city scene of sorts. Turned out better than I was expecting.
Night running.
The Goblin has quite a few resources but considering what his enemies managed to throw at him, it's time to get some of his exposed assets under cover.