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The creator of Pathways: Chronicles of Tuvana, Princess Retribution and Tales of a Gaijin, artist of a manga adaptation of Peter Pan, Dubious Company and Licensed Heroes. Currently living in Japan as a part time English teacher, full time artist.
@IronDog: Ooooh, excellent! I was hoping that would be ominous ^_^
@IronDog: We're learning a little bit about people's skill sets for sure! ^_^
@IronDog: Well they're just in a guarded camp, so it's not tooo terrible just yet ^_-
@IronDog: Ding ding! ^_- That is indeed the overlap in the pattern of who has dragon friends and who doesn't.
@IronDog: This one's a little bit bigger, but yeah, limited by the size of the size, sadly ^_^;;
@IronDog: Oooh, that sounds amazing, how is that made?
Ice candy in Tuvana is similar to kakogori, or shaved ice, in Japan ^_^
@IronDog: That is an excellent point, that's usually the next step ^_^;;
@IronDog: Whaaattt, pssshh, NAWWW, this story will just be happy fun time all the time! ^_-
@IronDog: Thank you so much! ^///^
@IronDog: EHEHE ^_^ Well, there is a pattern to who has dragons ^_-
@IronDog: I'm so glad people liked that part ^___^
@IronDog: AHAH I tend to do that too ^___^
@IronDog: Thank you! And yes, I know that feeling, it always weirds me out in games where they just have a sword strapped to someone's back, blade out ^_^;;
@IronDog: I've done a lot of webcomics, so it's possible. I've got a works list on my Deviant art account, under the bio section:
@ReaderWriterNerd&Geek: Barrie's words are just so great, I love the narration scenes ^_^
@SSJMihoshi: If they even get a chance to test their theory.... :P
@EmCeeKhan: Oh hear, hear ^_^
@KaiterSkate: Funnily enough, you're the first person to have brought that up ^_-
@KaiterSkate: hehe ^_^ Thankfully this week is a double week, so new page on Wednesday! ^_^