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I'm a huge fan of Pokemon and a Greek Mythology nerd, as well as a hobbyist yokai researcher and avid reader of Chinese classics.
I'm also obsessed with Koei games like Samurai Warriors 3~4, Dynasty Warriors 7~8, Warriors Orochi 3, Toukiden and Atelier (namely the Arland and Dusk series') and I enjoy playing percussion and drawing.
I've been drawing manga for a few years now. User Adelle Frost is my sister. I'm also really good friends with NikoshiSenika and Charlotte Potter.
A few other animes I'm into:
Black Butler (actually more of the manga on this one)
Sword Art Online
Death Note
Perhaps my favorite panel to have drawn so far XD

Now available on RedBubble XD
*I do not own the Olympic logo*

Anyway as I break between chapters, here's carrying on the Bloom tradition of celebrating each Olympics! I'm glad I managed to get this done before the closing ceremony XD
If you're wondering why Mitsuhide looks terrified, its because he just realized Gracia is on the bobsled team.

Have a nice week everyone! Bloom Chapter 19 will begin shortly!
This is a little pic I've actually wanted to draw for a very long time now ^^

Anywho, heads up there might be another filler before I officially get Chapter 19 going. I feel like I've been doing nothing but homework lately
@Adelle Frost: I actually feel like you might have written that line =P
Chapter 18 End! (FINALLY)
Look who's talking, Saku.

Whew! Anyway, this finally concludes what is not only the longest chapter in Bloom, but the longest chapter I've ever drawn in any of my comics ever, coming in at a grand total of 55 pages. Wowza! It's great to finally be done with it, and I've been trying to take measures in writing the script for future chapters to ensure that they don't drag on quite as much >w< We're finally getting to the good parts!

Anyway, I hope you'll all bear with me as I transition to Chapter 19. The next update will be a filler, and then there hopefully won't be, but possibly will be, a slight delay before Chapter 19 begins. I'm very excited for the next few chapters though, and to those who continue to read and follow this comic, thanks for sticking with me!
@Adelle Frost: Pfft, come on, you were there when I wrote the script!
Sorry for the delay on this page! School is definitely WAY busier this semester! >,<

Anyway, I realized with this page what a long time it's been since I last drew Nobunaga...for some reason, the elbow spikes always stood out to me. I've had this odd little conversation with Saku planned for a very long time XD

Chapter 18 is nearing its end! Thanks for hanging in here with me! :D
Yes, the picnic montage is not shaded. No, I'm not being purely lazy and don't worry, it's not going to become a regular thing. Just for so many colors and details, I wanted to make sure I maintained some level of efficiency in getting the page done, especially with my mounting schoolwork and my energy being diverted to a couple other projects. >.<
Hey all, the next update will be delayed temporarily as I’ve been caught up in taking care of some important business which I don’t care to explain the complications of here >.< thanks for your patience and the next page will be up Wednesday :)
Saku knows her Greek mythology.
Some practice sketches of Saku's rank 2, to get used to drawing her new design
And now I must get used to drawing Saku Rank 2

EDIT: Oops, I meant for this update tomorrow as usual but I forgot to reset the date of the update. Enjoy this a day early, I guess XD
I'm both pleasantly surprised at myself for finishing this so quickly, and just happy to finally get to draw this!!

To capture the making of this moment, if you have five minutes feel free to watch my shading process for this page in this time lapse video I made (complete with Pokemon Conquest music) :D
Trust that warm and fuzzy feeling~
You readers are all pretty intuitive, most of you probably already have a pretty good idea of what's on the next page... I'm so excited :D There probably will be extra time going into that extra special page though so it's time for a game of lets see how long sakohju can consistently update this comic while the college semester picks up XD
The battle concludes! We're nearing the end of the longest chapter in my entire history of comic-making!!
Moral: Don't mess with Aya

Anyway, relying on auto-update again since between attending a hackathon and spending time with family, I'm gonna have a busy weekend >w<
Sorry for the unexpectedly long delay. My spring semester is looking considerably busier than the last, but nonetheless we are back and back in action! Enjoy :D
Oh yes, about not taking the entire winter update off...well turns out I wasn't quite able to get all my art supplies out of my dorm for the winter, and that includes the files for the next couple of pages. Oops. My apologies, that was poor planning on my part.
Not to worry though, I'm still drawing new pages and Bloom will resume when my next semester does! (So in early January). Thanks so much for your patience everyone, and happy holidays! :D
I think I've just kind of accepted that I'll never remember exactly how I did outrage and therefore it will look a little different every time...not that that's a bad thing.

And with this, I conclude my first college semester. Bloom will be taking a little break, but I don't intend to take the entire winter holiday off. However, as I figure out travel plans and whatnot things are probably gonna be a little busy so it might be a little while until updates resume, but hopefully it won't be too long. Thanks for your patience, and happy holidays! :)
@Switzerland: Thanks! Glad to see you caught up! As mentioned above, I have finals too...good luck!

I've been well, college has been going pretty great for me so far. I'm majoring in computer science, because I have ambitions of making video games. :D I've also declared minors in Chinese and Business. Do you know what your major is yet?