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I'm a huge fan of Pokemon and a Greek Mythology nerd, as well as a hobbyist yokai researcher and avid reader of Chinese classics.
I'm also obsessed with Koei games like Samurai Warriors, Dynasty Warriors, Warriors Orochi, Toukiden and Atelier (namely the Arland and Dusk series) and I enjoy playing percussion and drawing.
I've been drawing manga for quite a few years now. User Adelle Frost is my sister. I'm also really good friends with NikoshiSenika and Charlotte Potter.
@SomeWarlord: Thanks! Haha yeah the placement here is just temporary while I've been absent, once main pages resume I'll be properly moving this over to unchaptered :)
@dog lover: You're right on. It has been better with the passing of time, and we finally were up to getting a new dog about three years ago and he's been wonderful, but I know I'll never really get over losing Zero. Thanks for your words here, I appreciate you taking the time.
And the games begin. =P

Not actually being familiar with the Hunger Games, I took some liberties with the cornucopia thing.
DISCLAIMER: I have never read or watched the hunger games. =P My sister has read the books though.

So if you didn't get the memo, I'm in China and hopefully this is auto-updating correctly as it's supposed to. I didn't want to leave this comic on another complete break while I'm gone, so in the meantime, here's a fun little short I put together.
My sister found this Hunger Games simulator where you can plug in names, so I thought it'd be funny to plug in the Bloom cast and draw the result for your enjoyment XD
Initially I kinda forgot about the district numbers until my sister looked at this strip and went "What districts are they all from" so I had to kind of add them back in and that's why they're all out of order on here. Also, with normal pages I draw my lines traditionally then scan them, but for this I just sketched the lines digitally with my tablet, so it's a bit of a different feel. Anyway, I hope you find this entertaining. ^^

(Also here's the link to the simulator:
Hi all! A little news update, the next couple of weeks I'm going to be out visiting relatives in China, and I'm not counting on having internet. But! This does not mean updates will cease entirely during that time! This comic has been on hiatus enough that I don't want to do that to you again for this, so I have a few fun little extra strips set to auto-update in my absence (hopefully auto-update won't let me down, it hasn't so far ahahaha...). While I'm gone, you can enjoy those and then regular pages will resume once I return! Thank you all for reading! :D
7 Years!!?
Wow, I miss drawing Lenore. This has definitely been the longest break this comic has ever taken, but rest assured I have on-and-off been working on reworking the script so that I can get back to drawing future volumes. I can't believe it's already been 7 years since I started doing this whole comic thing...thank you all so much for reading and sticking with me! SAKOHJU will return hopefully soon!!
Motochika has spoken. Oichi is officially Saku's friend.
He's gonna be the very best
Like no one ever was
To draw them all is his real test
Commissions are his cause

He can draw perfect hands
And that second eye
Anatomy, he understands
It's the artist that's inside
I remember this being a real plot twist for me when I first played the game. They look nothing alike!
Aaaaaaaand Bloom is finally BACK!!! Finally! Thank you everyone for patiently waiting, Chapter 19 is now underway!

I will note here that the first two weeks of June there will be a brief break because I'll be in China, but other than that look forward to the return of regular updates this summer! :D

Also, thanks to a generous donation to Bloom, there are some new fun facts on the Trivia page! Go check it out! :D
@Switzerland: Thanks! It is a good time to catch up, after I'm getting here after months of not updating, ahaha ha ha........luckily the semester is over soon and I'll be ending the hiatus, so, more to come!
@SomeWarlord: Thank you very much! I'm always happy to have new readers and I'm glad you like the comic! I know this is super late to reply but I'm finally going to be taking this thing out of hiatus soon so there will be more pages to enjoy coming up!
Hi all! Thanks for being so patient with me during this hiatus! (I had a news post about it which hopefully most people saw, but this is just a small blurb here so I'm just doing a comment)
I've been pretty busy with this last semester but thankfully it's almost over. I just have finals week left, then once I move out of the dorms and get myself re-established I should be back to updating this comic like normal! Thank you for your patience and support and I promise Bloom will be back soon!!
Daaaaang that Zekrom silhouette is majestic
Perhaps my favorite panel to have drawn so far XD

Now available on RedBubble XD
*I do not own the Olympic logo*

Anyway as I break between chapters, here's carrying on the Bloom tradition of celebrating each Olympics! I'm glad I managed to get this done before the closing ceremony XD
If you're wondering why Mitsuhide looks terrified, its because he just realized Gracia is on the bobsled team.

Have a nice week everyone! Bloom Chapter 19 will begin shortly!
This is a little pic I've actually wanted to draw for a very long time now ^^

Anywho, heads up there might be another filler before I officially get Chapter 19 going. I feel like I've been doing nothing but homework lately
@Adelle Frost: I actually feel like you might have written that line =P
Chapter 18 End! (FINALLY)
Look who's talking, Saku.

Whew! Anyway, this finally concludes what is not only the longest chapter in Bloom, but the longest chapter I've ever drawn in any of my comics ever, coming in at a grand total of 55 pages. Wowza! It's great to finally be done with it, and I've been trying to take measures in writing the script for future chapters to ensure that they don't drag on quite as much >w< We're finally getting to the good parts!

Anyway, I hope you'll all bear with me as I transition to Chapter 19. The next update will be a filler, and then there hopefully won't be, but possibly will be, a slight delay before Chapter 19 begins. I'm very excited for the next few chapters though, and to those who continue to read and follow this comic, thanks for sticking with me!
@Adelle Frost: Pfft, come on, you were there when I wrote the script!