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I'm a huge fan of Pokemon and a Greek Mythology nerd, as well as a hobbyist yokai researcher and avid reader of Chinese classics.
I'm also obsessed with Koei games like Samurai Warriors, Dynasty Warriors, Warriors Orochi, Toukiden and Atelier (namely the Arland and Dusk series) and I enjoy playing percussion and drawing.
I've been drawing manga for quite a few years now. User Adelle Frost is my sister. I'm also really good friends with NikoshiSenika and Charlotte Potter.
@Switzerland: *looks at comic's profile page* OH GOD IT'S BEEN FOUR MONTHS SINCE THE LAST UPDATEAa;sldfj

Thank you so much for your kind words! It's true it will probably be a longer break until I have time to really work on Bloom again but I do intend to continue working on it and continue improving. Thanks so much for sticking around! It means a lot to know that this comic means so much to someone else as well!
Cover is finished! Welcome, and I hope you enjoy my little story~
This is my temporary stopping point as I work on catching up on all the pages, but there is more story to come!
Due to time constraints, this page and all subsequent pages will be temporarily posted as lines only. I'll update them as I finish shading.
Hello all, sorry for so suddenly disappearing for longer than I intended. October has been an incredibly busy month for me and I can barely keep up with my homework, much less take the time to work on comics. Once I get a moment to catch my breath, Bloom will return! Until then, thank you for being patient with me dear readers!
I realized Kanetsugu hasn't sparkled in a while. I'm making an effort for him to sparkle more from now on.

In other news, there will be no update this coming week since I'll be out of town to attend the Grace Hopper Celebration for Women in tech, which I'm very excited for!
More fun times while I do busy things x_x
Saku on this page is me when it comes to keychains. >w< Oichi would be my sister in this scenario haha.

On a more business-note, so as I've been back in school for almost a month now it's looking like during the school year as I'm busier, I will mostly just update pages on Saturdays. I have some extras I can update on Wednesdays for a while, and occasionally I can do a page on Wednesdays, but Saturday only will be the most consistent pattern while I deal with academics and extracurriculars. Thanks for understanding!
Now that Lindsay's been introduced, here's some of my practice sketches of her for you to enjoy while I do homework XD
When I first saw the merchant in the game I couldn't not think of N.

Apologies for missing Wednesday's update, I'm still getting my bearings as far as balancing my schoolwork with my personal projects so updates might be a little more sporadic than usual. I made a news post on the comic profile that goes into more detail.

Also, I will have a time lapse video of the chapter cover process up later! I'll drop a link here when that's done.
Finally! Chapter 20 begins!
Thanks for waiting everyone. :) I survived my first week of school so we'll see how things go from here.

Also, be on the look out later for a time lapse video of my process for this chapter cover. :)

EDIT: It's rather late but as promised here's the time lapse:
@Aeon#3547: In that case, you're welcome! I appreciate the support! :D
@Aeon#3547: OH SHOOT
I never noticed that
my bad
I was so used to drawing Dewott at that point and;lfjsl;fja--
I can't believe I never caught this haha well that's probably just gonna stay there as a blatant continuity issue =P
The next chapter is almost ready but in the meantime thank goodness I made a temporary buffer out of this extra. I'm kind of getting back into the swing of a slightly busier schedule with the first week of school so we'll see how things go from here.
Thank you for 100+ fans!!!
I realize the fan count has been over 100 for a while now, but I wanted to do something really special to commemorate this number so I spent a long time working on this piece. In the past I've polled readers for what characters to draw for these things, but I decided for the triple digits, I'd just squeeze as many members of the cast as I could onto one piece of paper!

Back when I started this comic, 100 seemed like a pretty big, elusive legendary number. Honestly, surpassing it now is rather humbling. It's really special to know that people are reading my work, and I hope you all continue to enjoy reading this comic as much as I love making it. Thank you dear readers, you are all awesome.

I'll be starting school again this week, so we'll see whether or not things are as hectic as last semester. But, I will be getting Chapter 20 up and running soon!

Once again, thank you so much everyone!
Travel tip from sakohju: avoid the 6 AM flight.

I am not a morning person to begin with, but getting up at what equated to 2 AM in my usual time zone and then remaining awake for the subsequent 20 or so hours and eating meals at really weird times 'cause I got up so early and then finally passing out in bed with a terrible headache was not fun.

but uh, anyway, aside from complaining about my travel yesterday...I'm feeling a bit better today so I'll be resting and hopefully will have a real update soon. Thanks for your patience everyone.
Fans of Japanese folklore might recognize the story Motochika is telling. =P

Anyway, I'm going to be out of town for the weekend so *auto-update*
There will probably be one or two more of these fillers next week and hopefully after that I'll have the actual chapter cover up >w< Thanks for bearing with me everyone!
Hi folks, another filler update while I work on the next chapter cover ^^; it's gonna take me a little while.
I'm also going to be out of town this weekend, so unless I get a random burst of energy and get the whole cover colored tomorrow, the next update or two will also be fillers while I get the next chapter prepared.
Thanks for your patience everyone! :D
And that's it for Chapter 19! The chapter 20 cover might take me a bit of time so depending on how fast I'm able to pull that together, there may or may not be more strips of the Hunger Games Simulator rolling out.
Chapter 19 End!
Me: *realizes there's only like three panels of the chapter left and it won't fill up the entire page*
Me: *fills negative space with Motochika's face*
My sister: Why does Motochika look so epic and have half the page to himself?

Anyway that marks the end of this chapter, which was refreshingly short after those 50+ pages I drew for Chapter 18, usual, next update will be a filler while I work on the next chapter cover. Thanks for reading!