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I'm a huge fan of Pokemon and a Greek Mythology nerd, as well as a hobbyist yokai researcher and avid reader of Chinese classics.
I'm also obsessed with Koei games like Samurai Warriors 3~4, Dynasty Warriors 7~8, Warriors Orochi 3, Toukiden and Atelier (namely the Arland and Dusk series') and I enjoy playing percussion and drawing.
I've been drawing manga for a few years now. User Adelle Frost is my sister. I'm also really good friends with NikoshiSenika and Charlotte Potter.
A few other animes I'm into:
Black Butler (actually more of the manga on this one)
Sword Art Online
Death Note
Trust that warm and fuzzy feeling~
You readers are all pretty intuitive, most of you probably already have a pretty good idea of what's on the next page... I'm so excited :D There probably will be extra time going into that extra special page though so it's time for a game of lets see how long sakohju can consistently update this comic while the college semester picks up XD
The battle concludes! We're nearing the end of the longest chapter in my entire history of comic-making!!
Moral: Don't mess with Aya

Anyway, relying on auto-update again since between attending a hackathon and spending time with family, I'm gonna have a busy weekend >w<
Sorry for the unexpectedly long delay. My spring semester is looking considerably busier than the last, but nonetheless we are back and back in action! Enjoy :D
Oh yes, about not taking the entire winter update off...well turns out I wasn't quite able to get all my art supplies out of my dorm for the winter, and that includes the files for the next couple of pages. Oops. My apologies, that was poor planning on my part.
Not to worry though, I'm still drawing new pages and Bloom will resume when my next semester does! (So in early January). Thanks so much for your patience everyone, and happy holidays! :D
I think I've just kind of accepted that I'll never remember exactly how I did outrage and therefore it will look a little different every time...not that that's a bad thing.

And with this, I conclude my first college semester. Bloom will be taking a little break, but I don't intend to take the entire winter holiday off. However, as I figure out travel plans and whatnot things are probably gonna be a little busy so it might be a little while until updates resume, but hopefully it won't be too long. Thanks for your patience, and happy holidays! :)
@Switzerland: Thanks! Glad to see you caught up! As mentioned above, I have finals too...good luck!

I've been well, college has been going pretty great for me so far. I'm majoring in computer science, because I have ambitions of making video games. :D I've also declared minors in Chinese and Business. Do you know what your major is yet?
Hey folks I have something cool if anyone's interested. I finally found a somewhat reliable free screen recording software and have decided to make some time-lapse videos of my artwork, and for the first of such videos, you can view a time-lapse video of one of the previous pages here!

Also a heads up Saturday there probably won't be an update, due to both my lack of a portable art setup and the fact that I have finals next week. x_x
Thanks for your patience!
Once again actually getting ahead of schedule and hoping auto update works >w<

Also, it's been a while since I drew the first page of this chapter. That means since then, I totally forgot what I did to create Haxorus' outrage, and completely re-invented it for this page. =P
I wanted Kanetsugu to look truly devastated. XD
Whew, glad I got this up! Again, there probably won't be an update on Saturday due to the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!
The rare time when I manage to set up an auto-update to avoid missing another update...hopefully it works, I've known it to be unreliable before >.<

In other news, next week's schedule is rather uncertain due to the Thanksgiving holiday, so there may or may not be an update next weekend.
If not, happy early Thanksgiving. :)
Haaa...I made it >w<
Sorry for the delays! This week was a bit busier than expected, but I'm super happy because my sister is back in town and can hopefully help better edit my comics again! I also must apologize, I'm not sure if there will be a page this Saturday...plans for spending veteran's day weekend with family means I may not be doing a whole lot of art and I'm not sure I'll have the next page done in time before that. Thanks again for your patience >w<

In other news, something that I'm not at all sure of yet but an idea that occurred to me...those who have viewed the character page, it is rather lengthy, no? I'm starting to get good enough at programming where I'm thinking I may be able to program an interactive directory of sorts instead of having to scroll through a massive list of characters....I'd just have to figure out how (and if) I can implement that on Smackjeeves (without having a premium comic). Anyway, just something that occurred to me. Any other thoughts?

Also for something less related: I saw Pokémon the movie: I Choose You! and it was AWESOME!!! :D
Drawing Spiritomb going through a portal was an interesting experience. XD

Also there may not be an update Saturday. I hate to delay when I'm being so productive for a change but I'm planning on participating in a weekend-long game development event ^^
Apologies for the slight delay with the next page, I stayed with my grandparents this weekend and don't have all my art resources with me. I'll try to plan ahead better next time, thanks for your patience >.<
I think it's worth noting that as of the previous page, this chapter has surpassed Chapter 3 in length. That makes Chapter 18 of Bloom so far the longest chapter of any of my comics ever that I have drawn. :O
Saku was done waiting eight chapters ago.

I should note, this page is a rare anomaly...I didn't get a chance to show it to my sister, but I wanted to post it on time, so it may or may not be susceptible to changes depending on what my sister thinks once she gets a chance to edit it.
October 3rd, 2017
@Ian Evans: Exactly. While it was my friend who had this dream and told me about it, I found it interesting enough despite all the bizarreness to make this whole comic out of it XD
October 2nd, 2017
@Ian Evans: Even as the author, I ask myself the same thing. Don't think too hard about it. :)