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I'm a huge fan of Pokemon and a Greek Mythology nerd, as well as a hobbyist yokai researcher and avid reader of Chinese classics.
I'm also obsessed with Koei games like Samurai Warriors, Dynasty Warriors, Warriors Orochi, Toukiden and Atelier (namely the Arland and Dusk series) and I enjoy playing percussion and drawing.
I've been drawing manga for quite a few years now. User Adelle Frost is my sister. I'm also really good friends with NikoshiSenika and Charlotte Potter.
October 17th, 2019
I'm only seeing a broken image as well >.<
The colors on this page are absolutely beautiful~

Also "that looks kinda wrong" hahaha never thought about what human Zoroark going into a pokeball would look like XD
I love that one cuiburn in the last panel, looking up at them. Such bright, adorable, endearing eyes.
So much for finishing this comic over the summer, I'm about to start school again yeehaw XD Hopefully I'll still be able to get this comic done soon though!
Of course, going by experience, my previous short story comics have all taken me about a year or a little over that, so it's to be expected that this one runs a similar timeline (and in those other cases, I also had other real life things going on so I couldn't work on them consistently at the time either).
Zoroark: You're the younger brother
N: no YOU'RE the younger brother
Pi: *walks in*
Pi: Is this a bad time I can come back later
I had a real vision for how I wanted the first panel to look and was worried I wouldn't be able to pull it off. I'm happy to say though that it's almost better than I imagined :D

I'll update later with a time lapse video of my shading process for this page!
Drawing blood feels like a constant experiment for me. I haven't really nailed down a solid technique for blood yet so I'm experimenting with new ways to draw it every time :p
I have drawn so darn many bats for this comic.

I will update later with a time lapse video of my shading process for this page. It will mostly just be me filling in bats.
Oof a month since last update? I was taking summer classes, so that ended up eating a lot of my time haha...but luckily those are over now and I've got a sweet short bit of a break before the fall semester starts again! I'll be out of town for a few days but other than that I'll hopefully have time to bring this comic closer to the finish line.
Thanks for reading!
I've been drawing so many bats for this comic haha
And the winner is...!!
And this fun little filler is finally complete, I hope you all enjoyed it :)

I'll hopefully get back to working on the main story pages at some point, but in the meantime thank you all for your patience :)
"...What? Really sakohju? You tell us you're going on this whole huge big hiatus for Bloom and now you're announcing a new comic?"

Well, let me explain.

Creatures of the Night is a short story that I have rather been wanting to create, and that I had the excuse to do so as a sort of extra project for school in order to earn honors credit for a non-honors course (I'm required to take a certain set of general electives, the class in question was about Vampires and Werewolves in Slavic Culture).
I wasn't able to finish the entire comic by the end of the semester, but I did get a pretty good chunk of pages drawn and got my credit. But it's a passion project, and so I'm hoping now that I have more time to work on it again over the summer to finish it completely. I'm very excited to finally be working on my own, original story. All the pages are sketched, all that remains is shading.

Anyway, about the story!
Creatures of the Night is my very first completely original short story, featuring my own characters and plot. It's a short story that serves as a prequel/spinoff for a larger story I'm in the process of writing, and will reveal more about when I've made more progress on it :p
The story follows Drach, a vampire who works for a group of vampiric assassins, as he is suddenly put in charge of two new apprentices and must learn how to best work with his new partners on his latest mission.

You can go read it HERE! -->
*ignores that it's Friday*
I wanted to get something updated here for you all haha...
These strips get progressively shorter :p
Creatures of the Night is back! Since school's out and I no longer have to show the pages I have for class haha, I will now be properly updating them as I finish them. The rest of the story has been sketched, I just need to finish shading each page.
Enjoy reading~!

Haha in all seriousness though this is a great episode I love it XD
@Switzerland: Thanks so much! I could never leave a project so important to me unfinished, it would just itch at my being. But I do have to put school first. I'm glad people still want to read this comic though, thanks so much for sticking around! That means a lot to me!
More of this for you all, haha.
@Captain Ghost: Thanks so much! At this point an internship for this summer is looking unlikely haha but I have been interviewing for a job that I'm hopeful about, we'll see how it goes :) Thanks for the kind words!
Two pages
Because it's been so long that you wonderful readers deserve a bonus~