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I have always loved cartoons and would love to get a job making cartoons some day.
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    Ryan Bauman
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Sorry for the huge delay in this I have been so preoccupied lately I got a second job and lifes just been crazy but I manage to find the time to put this together.
Courage who needs courage when you have a GUN!
I have started putting my comics in a 3 panel format so that I can raise the resolution on the image and make the picture look better and you dont have to scroll all over the place just to read a page now.
Its been two whole months since the last update but I was busy making some dramatic changes to the comic I hope every one enjoys it!
December 30th, 2012
I could certainly go for some special brownies about now myself.
December 19th, 2012
Grammar Guy
I am aware that I don't have the best grammar in the world, but not to fear. I have a guy that now looks at each and every page before I put it up, because I am always looking to improve my comic.
December 16th, 2012
This is the first page where I decided I would try using photoshop's effects to make my comic look better. I am going to try to use photoshop where I can with my comic because you can do some cool stuff in Photoshop.
Looks like Camp Crashers is about to get X Rated!
Wow that turned out far bigger than I expected. Eh sorry but ua... you know 100 likes my head bald.
Me Bald?
Ok so I launched my webcomic about a month ago and its doing OK but I think it could be doing alot better. Most traffic for my Webcomic is generated by my facebook liking page so as a publicity stunt I decided that if by the end of this month, September 30th to be exact. I will shave my head bald and post pictures of it on the liking page. My webcomic itself is about 3 friends who get in to some trouble with the law and have to lay low at a summer camp for a week, but it wont be easy with the Scout Master around with some secret plans of his own. I update the comic every Sunday and Wednesday. To read my comic go to and to like my comic on Facebook go to A little while ago did post an ad for my webcomic here before and if you see that go here
September 5th, 2012
I'm gonna shave my head!
Wow that Scout Master really doesn't like Johnny ...or hair apparently. Speaking of no hair if by the end of this month my liking page gets 100 likes I will shave my head bald and you can go like it here!
September 2nd, 2012
Want to see me Bald
If any one on this site wants to see me, Ryan Bauman save his head bald I mean completely bald they you should head on over to the Camp Crashers liking page on facebook and like it. If I can manage to get 100 likes by the end of this month I will shave my head entirely bald! Wont that be funny? WONT IT! Here is a link to the Camp Crashers liking page
You know I could use "Dew" too.
This weeks page we finally get to meet Johnnys roomate Steveo. When I first wrote Camp Crashers five years ago and I asked the kids in my boy scout troop who their favorite character was all of them said "Steveo"
Camp Crashers
My Comic is about three friends who get in to some trouble with the law, so they have to lay low at a summer camp. Things aren't quite so easy when the Scout Master wants to become President of Scouting, and will stop at nothing to do so, even put the Camp Crashers lives in jeopardy! This comic has got plenty of humor and adventure. If you love Cartoonie things you should read my comic, if you don't like Cartoonie things you should still read it, because its good for a laugh. Its fairly easy to find, my site is got a case of the lazies and don't feel like typing well then just click on this link Do you absolutely like my comic and want the world to know you like it then head on over to the Camp Crashers liking page on Facebook at there you will be notifyed of when I update my comic and be on the cutting edge of Camp Crashers news. Well what are you still doing here? Head on over to and check it out NOW!...DO IT!
This is the first page of my webcomic enjoy.
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And don't forget to like Camp Crashers on Facebook!
Camp Crashers
This is a comic I have been working on and off for about 5 years now. Its about 3 friends who go on an adventure to Scout Camp Island because they have to lay low for a while, however laying low isn't going to be easy as they thought with the Scout Master monitoring their every move. My full story is about 180 pages long but I am only uploading 5 pages every 2 weeks. The next update will be on June 16th. Finally I bring you Camp Crashers!