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Hi, I'm Jonah, and I'm currently drifting in a sea of confusion. I'll be back in a while.

But thank you for visiting anyway.
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Your story and art are so awesome, you deserve all your readers! C: And the story is getting so exciting~
I just finished reading everything so far and it's so crazy good! I love the art and the rough flow of the story, it really feels like a dream.
Thanks guys! :'D I'm glad I'm not the only one laughing at my jokes!
@Inxerene: Yes you should! Where have you been?!
Masami = Forever Alone
DUKE = Okay Guy

I don't know if my brain's working anymore. orz
Excuse the strange ending.
That awkward moment when you put an important gift in the wrong locker.
Wait, how did he even get the locker open?

And lol, the banner's broken guys.
Yay for inconsistent color values! orz
2 or 3 more pages after this one.

DUKE doesn't know how creepy he is...
Sorry, I said I'd work on a new page for the main comic, but I've had this story stored since March and was unable to finish because my tablet broke in the middle of drawing it. ^^; But my new tablet has come and now I can complete it, so yay!

And, uh...I'll work on the new page after I finish this. Sorry!
I'm getting a new tablet on Monday, yay! I'd like to take the next page if no one posts by then. C:
Aw, that's kind of cute~ Ah, but what if Sora finds out DUKE got her detention? xD
Nicely done!
I want to start it up too! But I still have to get a new tablet... TT_TT
Ariel looks so mature, bowing to Queen Harley's portrait. ;u;
Aha, oh gosh, poor Kana. She's so awkward-adorable, and it doesn't help that her relationship with DUKE is buried under a sea of sharp rocks. xD But it's still so cute and makes me happy!

And also, hi Sora. <3

I might not get a chance to work on the White Day comic until the weekend. When it's not White Day anymore. ;u; Sorry!
OH MAI. Neither of them are very good at this, are they? xD

Close range made the impact harder maybe? DUKE is definitely softer than he looks, lol.

I'll make a White Day comic after this then~

I feel for you, it's a challenge to get back in the groove of drawing comics, haha. I hope someone claims the next page. 0u0
Goodness, DUKE, this is why they lock you up in the basement. Lol.

I think he needs to make it up to her on White Day. C;
I love how you do your backgrounds, so nostalgic-looking! And your coloring is fine! It's fine! :D

Oh no, Kana worked so hard to make those!
See, DUKE, this is why lurking is a bad thing! No one can take you anywhere, can they? /sob
Nice cover-up, Kana. xD She's so cute in that apron! And LOL, what are you doing in the last panel, Akari?