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i like him
hes a cutie
yoooo this looks great

i love the shading on the hair, it looks really fluffy but still has it's form.

the only thing i'd say that kinda bothers me are near the front of the hair you didn't outline it all the way which looks odd to me, but it's no big deal

the left foot's shading looks weird but it might just be me
@Shard: The pants on the original sprite are bulky too, but the folds are shaded weirdly. I just reshaded them.

On the sprite I made, the light sources at least come from the same direction. The tail is off, yes, but there's not much you can do with a 3 pixel wide tail. the shading on my sprite is more consistent than your's, so i really dont see how you're construing your sprite as being more consistent, because it honestly isn't. shading on sonic sprites is super fucked and even the official sprites have weird shading without wearing clothes, but still.
@Shard: i can get some things, but the shading being weird to you? how is the shading on her pants weirder than this? the shading is awful on this. brightest shades come in direct contact with darkest shades, unnecessary use of odd shades in weird places, some pixels make it look like there's just black lines. the shading on my edited version of the pants is more consistent, at least. your shading is much more inconsistant with highlights not matching up and things being pillow shaded. the red lines i drew over this sprite represent where it looks like the light sources are facing/coming from. they're all coming from different directions. i'll ad mit mine still suffers from some problems, but i tried to fix some of the inconsistencies as best i could.

the current white on her sprites is *too little* it blends together really badly. there needs to be a middle ground.

i really like how you described the shirt because i made no adjustments to it whatsoever

ket hates wearing colours, but she wears a bright red visibly noticable bow that makes up one of her only signifying factors of her design? seems a bit inconsistant the ponytail you used has less detailing and is pillow shaded.

some things i can't fix with her design. her colour scheme doesnt work well in some ways. not my fault. having a light gray cardigan over a white shirt is bad colouring
@Shard: It wasn't really supposed to look exactly like her per-say, it was just a really general example of how I'd do it. I really feel like she has some contrast problems. My screen brightness and contrast values are factory default and I have a 4k monitor.

i didnt mean to imply that it's really "bad output" because i worded it wrong.. i just meant i feel like you could do much better if you focused primarily on something more... original? or artistically challenging, i guess.

definitely finish aware; its really annoying when authors stop making things halfway through, but i seriously mean it when i say i feel like you could do more.

i 100% agree with the fact that most people can't pull black outlining off right. it's a really flimsy thing, especially in SA style, but imo it's pretty easy to do. combining black outlining based on where you need it (mainly when two similar shades overlap (such as the black on k(fancy e here)t's pants collides with the dark brown of her hand, with sel-out ( really good tutorial/explanation of sel-outing) can make spriting a lot easier and make things stick out better.

by the steven universe-long distance render thing, i meant how they draw characters that are out of focus. i saw an excellent example of this somewhere but i lost it, if i find it i'll edit this comment and link it.

essentially, the farther away a character is from the central viewing angle, the character's detailing will start to degrade (think; ps1 style polygon rendering) special shapes and markings oni characters will be heavily simplified or omitted entirely, to account for the smaller space without completely damaging the character's design. spriters do techniques like this constantly

i edited your ket sprites, and made two main alterations to her design and multiple to coloration/shading and detailing. I hope you don't mind them.

1) I increased the contrast of the two darkest shades for her primary (white) fur colour, and made them hue shift to an off-blue.
2) I increased the brightness and saturation of her secondary (brown) fur colour, and hue shifted it to red.
3) Altered the shading on her pants and part of her shoes.
4) decreased the amount of shades used on her bow from 4 to only 2. (The two darkest ones; if it needs to be brighter just substitute them for higher valued shades) and decreased the level of detail on it/simplified it. hue shifted the red into a dark fuschia on shadows and salmon pink on highlights.
5) changed the colour of her... cardigan? i guess? to be red instead of gray, to avoid it from blurring together with the white shirt.
6) Re shaded the hair tied in a ponytail on the back to use less shades (mainly the three darkest shade w/ no highlighting. instead i used crosshatching to imply highlights.)
7) fixed shading on weird parts of her body (tail, hands, right shoe, and left ear).
8) overall level of detail in some areas decreased to be less visually confusing. ex; fur tuft on ears use only the two darkest shades now, her left ear is crosshatched, her bow has less detailing, etc.

again; i dont know if this is what your ket would look like, as i'm not you, but i tried my hardest to be intact to her original design philosophy. i chose red for her cardigan as she already had red present on her colour scheme, and it would contrast well against the white of her shirt and the blackish grey of her pants.
@Shard: honestly, i think based on what i said was bad, i think it's pretty clear how to fix certain parts of what i criticized. increasing the contrast between shades would fix a ton of the problems with ket's sprites. and i would reintroduce using black outlines instead of solid color outlines, but that's just me.

"i don't like mushrooms so this whole pizza is bad". not what i said. a better comparison would be "these mushrooms are sour and it messes with the pizza as a whole."

why even continue working with aware? from what you wrote about, it seems like you only view it as an annoyance. it's always looked to me that aware was an annoyance to you, at least from what i've seen. the amount of effort you put into it (at least update wise) isn't worth the output or it being your main focus

i pointed out that i know you have a lot more potential than what aware is worth. i could definitely see you as one of the main people that would make a petscop of smackjeeves; something that looks so visually convincing that it seems just like a "real" video game with it's own custom visuals. and that's something i honestly think. you have debatably the largest reader-base of every spriter on sj at any given point.

if i was going to criticize aware as a whole i would've done a comic review, but i didnt.

honestly smackjeeves is probably the worst place to look for imporvement because there's barely anyone doing full on artistic critiques. this was barely an "artistic critique" because i just pointed out the negatives, which is something i've always done because i guess im just more of a harsh-sounding person. dunno. just my sense of humor.

and hey! i dont barely exist! ive been around. just not on the best of records. (sonic gets blasted back in 2012, some hotel comics, etc.) but looking at those made me mentally upset so i left them.
A bit of banter.

The shading is off.

The character doesn't look original.

Also, yes it does. It looks really bad otherwise. It just adds more shades which is pointless.
Quite a long span of inactivity in this comic.
You still copy+pasted the super sonic quills. That's not customs, mate. That's just editing.

I was also referring to the rings around his gloves when I said dark blue with a light grey outline.

The pants need a lot of work.

The hair should be the same colour and shade as his head since they're so close of a colour.
Just like to say that I'm here again.

Also, the shading on those pants... It's terrible. Way more contrast needed.

Dark blue outlined by light gray? No.

Different colored hair than the main color of head? No.

In fact, basically just using super sonic sprites and not editing them nearly at all? Hell no.

You should remake your sprites and give it another go.
Sort of a final condolence for this comic. It was a fun time, wasn't it?

Maybe it will walk again someday, but for now, let it rest.
Wow. It died fast...

Seems so long ago.
@TouhouShake: Sum guy that left smackjeeves for around a year.
Oh wow, my coming back comic was 299

I feel special.
And like that I am back~!

I will now continue to work on sprites now.

Just lettin' yall' know.
Yep, I have returned to smackjeeves.

This comic can be alive now plz.