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Hey N, is that guy in the comments section really you?
What's going on? I'm curious as to why its been 16 days and still not a single update on this comic or even a message from you MasterTalon.
@I_am_N: I dunno dood, a Hadouken is a pretty sweet thing to have....
@I_am_N: Zero managed to get an upgrade out of one of the capsules during the Eurasia Incident.....imagine what you could do if you got ahold of a really good one, like an ultimate armor capsule.....N with a hadouken is an awesome thought.
@MasterTalon: They're more common than you'd think. Most Gamestops have them. It's the anniversary collection with classic 1-8 that seems to be harder to find (this is based on my personal experience).
@MecanicalCH: Get the JAP Saturn or SNES version of X3 it's so much cheaper than the NTSC cartridge. X2 is pretty expensive for NTSC too, I got mine for 60 bucks. X and X4-X6 are usuually the cheapest of the games.
@I_am_N Do you think you could beat Omega?
Never did I think there'd be a post-ZX story in this comic. Do you plan to talk about what happened to the biometals?

Also, Omega is my favorite character in the MMZ series. His final form is my favorite Mega Man boss battle of all time (in Zero 3 AND ZX)
Yes it has.

BTW I went to New York Comic Con and at the D Arts booth they were showing off more Mega Man figures for the future....and you were one of them! You're gonna have your own action figure! Sweet!
I'm really enjoying this new Chapter! That air ship reminds me of the Egg Carrier from Sonic Adventure!
I know, I've read this comic from beginning to end. Wouldn't the paint mess up his hair? Zero is obsessive about the point of keeping track of every strand of it. I doubt he would actually paint it. Maybe when he puts on the ultimate armor there's a wig included or something.
I guess. Maybe he secretly likes your color scheme better.

How he managed to change his hair color as well shall remain a mystery, though....
@Master Talon
How come the entire Shadow council look like Reploid sillhoulettes? Are they armored humans are something? If not, then I guess there's some weird fashion going on 2XX years from now...
Hey N, do you know that Zero's ultimate armor looked just like you? He went running around fighting for justice, fluffy unicorns, and all that generic good guy stuff basically dressed as you.

Doesn't that make you just feel so warm and happy inside?
@Master Talon
When are you going to update the Q & A Comic again?
This comic keeps getting better and better, I swear...
Comic #9
Bass gets away and X rejoins Zero to face the next Maverick.
X takes on Bass.....kind of.
Comic #7
After a long climb, X finds a resurrected Bass!