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Name's Katt~

I like to draw boys liking other boys >u>
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I just wanna touch Kenny's face, at least once uvu
Fish having some worry uvu
He's my fav boy because he can be expressive whenever he wants to be |D Look at him smile so happily <3
@WarriorNun: Thanks, dear~ >u<
@portisHeart: gotta keep some things traditional ;D
sorry for the small hiatus~ ;v;

Been dealing with depression lately orz but I've gotten to a point where I'm feeling a bit better~
My patreon is 3 pages ahead if you wish to support it over there ovo
Finally outta work for the day to upload~ u v u <33
Sorry it's a little late~ Was feeling under the weather a bit today, but I'm all good now~ uvu
@portisHeart: lol this is true xD

on the move now <3
@portisHeart: haha I'm glad you do uvu
finally home from work uvu Happy Father's Day to your pops or if you are one owo

Character cameos: DarkFireVengeance , Aoiichou and Momo-Butt on deviantART~
@portisHeart: Thanks, hun~ Can't wait to show you them u v u
New page uvu

Guest Characters are from; IAmNoOutcast, Toxicallycat and THeNightsIllussion from deviantART~
@scullpanda: He's married to Ashley, who you'll see later in the story~
@portisHeart: haha thank you uvu He's of my interesting characters to work with xD
Double update~ introducing a character appearance from IAmNoOucast on deviantART~
Finally getting better with my depression and started up pages again uvu thanks for waiting~ <33

Finally home from work u v u and in comes one of my favorite characters that you will see a lot~