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Kristine - 22 - Canada

Just a dandy in space, baby.
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@Lul-la: A boom? Don't you mean.... a bang?

*Shot for awful joke*
Somethin tells me that gun won't be enough.
And if he wasn't freaked out already, wait 'til he sees her talking to that elephant.
Bahah. So derpy. <x3
*strokes the noses* *u*
God, they have such intense noses.
I'm guessing Val's going to try to shut Jacob up now?
: o Congrats on the wedding.
Caught eating the fruit you're supposed to be offering to the one of the gods you're supposed to be offering it to. Smooth.
Correct me if I'm wrong but the OP on Sam's apron is supposed to be a reference to 4chan, amirite? If it is, I'd just like to say that that is absolutely brilliant.
Very nice touch on the upside down cross.
@bluswordgrl: Now he just needs a shave.
Oh mein gott
Please update soon.
I probably would've done the same thing. I'd keep him in there for the amount of time it'd take for a regular person to turn into a zombie just to make sure he wasn't lying. If he turns into one, at least he won't be able to kill me cuz he's stuck behind a fence. Not sure what her reason for locking him up is though
I wonder if he's actually immune though. He'd probably make a good human shield.
*¬* The fact that I'm understanding everything from the youtube references to the cultural gestures in this comic is making me very happy.
I nearly peed myself from laughter from remembering that video. xD
Well that sucks. D:
Kicks Shuno in balls. Concludes that he hasn't had that much fun in years. Possible subconscious sadistic impulses? xD
Omfg Dat face.