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his inder-dialogue is so cute
i just read the all page and it so cute <333 the cliff thoo
all according to the keikaku
he's so pure <3
he just gave his throne away? xD
they are so lovely o3o
the raticate is super cute i want it
Let the battle begin!
@keybladefire: I know, it was a (bad) joke but i've read enough nuzlock to know that it's possible to burn
November 21st, 2015
i guess it's a little late to wake them after they got stabbed
the cat is important KEEP IT!
love that the cat keeps moving
Welcome back <3
Don't hurt Jun! everybody would be scared of Yuno. (hope she doesn't kill tbh)
and how could he kill with fire? he has a grass only xD
now he's guilty, maybe alittle
minific : D
so.. my mind went like..~

While Tune was talking 'bout Chu-chu, Rekuso was done with eating his food. Trying to pry it away from Tune or Junjou. "Don't tough my food Chu-chu" Tune said while glaring at Rekuso. Rekuso looked away to avoid her gaze. "Give me your food Junjou" With a pleading look on his face."Ah~" Junjou look dumfound at him, while a blush spread across his face. "What, hell like I'm feeding you!" Smashing his leftovers in his face. "Wait, you basiclly got a free trained pokemon" Junjou and Rekuso said at the same time. "Sorta, she's still kinda new to battling" Rekuso ignored the food spilling from his face and continued. "Damn" he thought, while Tune stared at him with a suspicious look.

Ignore the errors second language and stuff, hope you enjoy my minifanfiction
@Nowari: omg i love you ;3
Someone make this please
aww, Supercutee
To All
Who is the tallest?
to Junjou
Do you like someone? (like a white haired boy..)
Proton is cute <3
Happy b-day 2you hope you are feeling better by now