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I'm completely in love with this comic. Can't wait to see how the story goes.
Double update on my b'day! I am so happy <3 <3
How am I supposed to sleep and wait till the next update?! This is torture


You're a-mei-zing~ Hope to see this comic again soon ;w;
December 17th, 2015
@'Ryn: I'm neither bitching nor moaning. If that comment is bitching and moaning to you then, oh my god, who knows what an actual drama is for you. I've never been spoiled once in my life so I don't know what that is. Dollars and euros are twice the price here in my country so it's even harder to afford things than normal. I nicely stated my opinion in my first post and then you came here being rude and negative to me, not cool - don't do that to people. She found a good job now and more will come because of it so I don't know what your damn problem is. If everything works out she won't need patreon so just chill, ugh.

And I'm sorry but complaining that you're studying something you apparently hate is no excuse whatsoever. If you hate it stop studying it and do something you enjoy. I'd never let something like that ruin my life. And no, I'm not making this sound easy. Been there done that. It's neither easy nor hard and very much possible. The situation you're in is your own fault.
I study something that is incredibly hard and expensive but I love it and I know it's worth it.
I'm sorry but I've noticed that when there's will nothing is impossible and you obviously lack that so don't bitch at me about how much your degree or whatever else sucks. And I'm also sorry to hear about your mental/physical condition but to be completely honest difficult isn't impossible so just keep trying and something good will come.
Life is what you make of it after all. My life has not been easy either. I, too, have issues (which I shall not state) but that doesn't stop me from being happy.

I don't know what the idea behind that degree thing was, honestly...try to make a better argument next time.
December 17th, 2015
@'Ryn: Oh yes I am a spoiled brat. I'm a uni student who barely makes rent but GOD am I spoiled. Maybe for once I'd like to see something without having to pay more than I have for it? She got a job, a good job so she's okay.
December 16th, 2015
@raephium: As good as that is and amazing help to the artist there are people who can't afford to be part of a patreon and miss out on stuff (not only NSFW) ^^
December 27th, 2014
Whenever I see the name Natsu I think of Fairy Tail. Anyway, cute page~
July 5th, 2013
@SweetNekoChan: Somehow I have the bad feeling your prediction is wrong Q_Q
You just broke my dreams Q~~~Q
May 22nd, 2013
Can't wait for the next page Q__Q <3 and poor Taiki XD
LMAO!!!!!!! This is epic xD Look at that face rofl xDDDD
September 8th, 2012
"I need someone to push me on updating xDD" Update more or no nutella (or w/e you love) for you D:<

Also yay an update xD!