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Hey,welcome to my profile!:) I love yuri and most of my webcomics will include it. But I also have another site I have with my mangas and I'm currently making a blog or artblog so I'll put that up, if anyone wants to see my other work and upcoming works in the future.

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Ah! She was so close! lol
Yeah I might change the schedule around but not yet, though I haven't been able to post when I would like,recently so I hope I can be faster w/ updates. Thanks for reading!:)

@Kippi: Rei just couldn't get over her nerves this time.

I use Photoshop mainly to do it. I think since I'm coloring the pages it becomes bigger so I might consider hosting it elsewhere.

@Guest Thanks! I'm happy you think so.I think Rei does look more alluring with a darker shade so I might leave it like that when I do another color section.
Aaannd that is all the pages I got so far. Sorry I haven't been able to update. I don't really have an excuses besides life getting in the way lol. And sry if Rei looks a bit darker. I need to find a way to compress w/o losing much quality, anyways thanks again for all the new and old readers sticking with me. haha
It's been awhile since I updated this comic and I really should. lol It's a nice break from rainheart.
@rmo33: haha and poor Rei has no defense against them!
@Crestchan: Thank you and I'm feeling a lot better and nope I plan on finishing this comic lol well that's the plan.
@Almightyra: Oh thanks. I've edited the page a bit b/c it seems I missed quite a few letters lol
Weeelll Hey guys. Its been a while mainly b/c being sick then work related stuff had gotten to me. So I had to put this on the back burner for a bit. But hopefully all is well and I'm happy to see people are still reading. lol thanks again for all the support.:) and I spelled deserve wrong, I should proofread these more often lol

@Kippi: haha I guess the name choices where to obvious lol & your senses are correct, indeed! We'll be seeing her soon.

@Mystearen: Thank you a lot for taking your time for writing a comment. I rlly appreciate the constructive criticism I aim to improve lol I'm glad you like it so far and for the context I'll try to update a more often so then things can make a bit more sense lol
I've had a bit of fun drawing this page lol poor Rei.
Phew it's been busy for me the last few weeks, but the worst is finally over lol but I also wanted to take more time on these pages. Things will start making more sense after this chapter hopefully lol. But thank you for all the new fans! And thx for reading:3 I'll be trying to get back to my old schedule with these. So look forward for another update by tomorrow.
@Cakenstein: :)! I'm happy you enjoy it!
Thanks for reading:)
April 24th, 2014
@Almightyra: lol well story purposes of course *cough* *cough* yeah for the plot:p
ooo.... I know it's been awhile but I've been busy with finals and all but I'll be posting more around next week and especially for RainHeart. Which will be taking a bit more time since I'm coloring most of the beginning chapter so glad for everyone liking it so far,for both stories. :)
@Kippi: thanks, I'm happy how it turned out too but it could be better lol but that's just the perfectionist in me:)
April 11th, 2014
I spelled definitely wrong so I apologize in advance
Hopefully it's readable lol soooo I was really contemplating whether or not to color it, but I should practice more often, so I was planning to color the first few pages of the flashback. And thx again for all the support, but if you guys aren't digging the color I'll just switch back to toning for the start lol
I was gonna make a pun buuuut I got nothing lol
Lady Lily=Lola, Lola, is just her nickname, just to clarify i guess
yep,nothing much to say really lol