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We are two guys that wanted to create a webcomic.
Callum does the story while Alex does the drawing.
We love Gaming, obsessed with it infact. We also like drawing and manga.
Comics are also a big love of ours.
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    Callum Doughty
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Maybe it should of been... also i appologise again for lack of strip, my scanner doesn't want to work right now.
Hmmm, i'm not sure the strip is meant to go off the template. I shall look into that in further strips.
I like the art on this one, but for the comics its a little weird reading from right to left.
But its different then the rest so its cool!
Heh, i like it.
*adds self to fan list*
Glad you think so :)
Just found this comic on the random comic bit at the top.
It's pretty good, i like the photograph style, keep up the good work.


~~Accidentally gifted~~
It went smoothly
Cheers, the comic getting released went smoothly, i got everything done by 5pm and it all went from there.

Hope that everyone does keep viewing, the more views the better!