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Yo im Coiln, but most people call me Curly for my NATURAL curly blond hair. Im a Pokemon fanatic, to an over founding point sadly. Im also a Narutard and well as a Bleached.
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    Colin R. Gerych
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I always thought the Snivy line was carnivores. Most of the starters would be. Tempig's line might be onrivores(sp) with more leaning to a herbavores. Oshawott is an otter and so is Dewott, otters eat shell fish... look out shellter thier coming for you!
oh man i just replayed my HG and i have a feeling this comic is going to get really sad the farther we go along
Win. Tears. Love.
the three things that i feel about this comic. You have proven the true reason of the Nuzlocke Challange. Your artwork has done something thats no other comic has done to me, it has made me cry with tears of sadness and joy for the happiness of thier emoion.