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General Paddle
This one time I decided to comics, and then
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This comic updates on Tapastic several days sooner! Check it here:
@jonasfx: It updates MUCH later here than on Tap, tho :>
So, after a 2-year hiatus, this series is getting a continuation/reboot!

A number of changes have happened to story and art both, though I doubt you'll notice since I never made it past the prologue. ^^'

Um... enjoy!? Biscuit is also on Tapastic now!
Here we go, one more time, everybody's lookin' fine...
If you caught the reference in the title of this comment, you're getting way too old. :D

SO! Here I am, back in action, with a project I'm actually trying hard on. :'D It's been in development for the better part of this year, so... yeah! Sit back and enjoy, 'cause I know I sure will.

Updates every 7th, 14th, and 21st! 28ths and 1sts are reserved for special art. :)
this whole thing is really precious these colours are beautiful wow
@TitaniumPenguin: WHATS....... GOING...... ON.............. /rapidly refreshes page
I know it's PROBABLY NOT LIKE THAT AT ALL but I feel like Holly and Natalie's mama had some homoerotic tension going because dAMn

also your art style is delicious mmmm greyscale good
General Paddle
August 3rd, 2013
Augh this is so prettyyyy
Aw, she's adorable.
Ominous priests. Yes, good.
@Alicia Muhm: Yes! Yes, it does. I'm officially un-hiatus'd. :3c
Ah, finally caught up! What lovely hair.
@LadyArrowsmith: Glad you like it! I'm un-hiatus'ing mid-July, so you've come just in time.
@Kcici: New update should be coming soon enough! Thanks!
@boxno: I'm glad he's well-received!
@boxno: Lucky for you, she'll be here next page. ;)
@lucidfairy: Thank you kindly! Glad you like it.
@Strawberry: Haha, not too bad! Most people who enjoy the series I was alluding to also enjoy Soul Eater. Good try, Strawberry!
Welcome back! The comic's still gorgeous. <3
@Alicia Muhm:

Aaa, thank s! I'm glad you're enjoying yourself thus far. <3 Inking sure is fun!

(also ,my spacebar is broken.)