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tall, lanky, huskyish. I like anime, manga, reading, videogames. my hobbies are drawing and puzzles. currently, I am unemployed.
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she's right. you aren't supposed to gain the power of flight in an adventure until you reach an area you can't get to by land or by sea.
so, if the tree can't change moth back into a guy, will they add changing him/her back onto the quest list along with whatever they need to get for the tree, or will they just keep him/her like that? to be honest, i hope it's the latter, this comic needs some more yuri romance.
wait, so they got the maiden curse removed, but moth is still a girl? I'm not complaining, I'm just confused.
nice to see this story get back on track, and hearing about melody's past is another plus to this. but i have to ask, are you still doing that story with the bald moose? i kinda got hooked onto it and when i tried to backtrack to see if i missed a page of that story, i couldn't even find the first page of it. it's like it got erased, deleted, like it never existed in the first place.
February 13th, 2013
no more leth hate? aww, i'm gonna miss all those awkward moments with giselle, as exampled in the above comic. let's hope this isn't the last i'll see of giselle.
@Leth.hate: okay, if you get to view the fan art before it gets posted on the page, does that mean you didn't approve of any other fanart that got sent to you other than the two that are currently posted, or is it that those two are the only ones sent in?
@Leth.hate: boy???! that kinda comment seems insulting, like you look down on people like me. but thanks for clearing that bit of info up for me.
okay, i just noticed this about the fan art page, but i don't see any way to upload any pics there. how does that work, do we just e-mail the pics to the webmaster or something and wait for his approval?
can't wait to see the new improvements to the site.
even with the defective map, and a suppposed lack of navigational sense in the dead people, how did they manage that? also, where did the collector go after dropping giselle and her friends off?
@Hoodini: okay, maybe they aren't deer horns or antlers. maybe they're like fancy insect antennae. either way, they just don't look like twigs to me.
@Hoodini: twigs? i thought those looked like deer horns on the collector's head
of course the souls would lie to them like that, why wouldn't they? also, what'll happen with the collector now?
guess alizee has a new man to bed, probably, not that she'd object. i wonder how giselle is gonna save those poor souls now, and what happened to that lightbulb riding the flying pig. also, first ;p
interesting design for the collector, would've gone with a different hairstyle, though, maybe make him not look like he's part-deer. would've also liked to see a transformation scene with giselle.
giselle knows which buttons to push to make leth do what she wants. can't wait to see the mahou shoujo outfit giselle wears, also can't wait to see the collector in all his perverse glory. my money is on him being a corporate executive or a right wing politician.
@Isis Marie: as long as she's in that swimsuit, there's no guarantee that no one won't try to feel her up. heck, if i was there, i'd attempt it.
@Kitleena: i'd suggest something that's gross but not gory, like baby teeth, or used condoms, neither of them his.
so the ghosties are trapped there by this collector guy, who is either a sadistic demon who satisfies his urges by tormenting lost souls, or a corporate executive. really don't think it's the last one.
now the current horror elements here are scared of giselle's group, and her socks, possibly. also, could someone put up some fanart of leth as a gimp-monkey, whatever the heck that is? i just can't seem to get the thought out of my mind.