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uh... i'm me. Kinda random. Like to dye my hair XD, and uh... because of my friend Jen and Courtney, i like anime. My favorite is KYOU KARA MAOU! because wolfram is FABULOUS... Hehehe
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"Fear me. Love me. And I will be your slave."

So true!!
Zoshi is damn determined to be with her reguardless if she's going to accept his feelings. ^.^ adorable.
Ohh goodness
if she's like this now can you imagian her in her teenage years with "boy problems" that poor world... lol
lol... yeah i agree... Definaly love my sleep. Go KAREN!
that's perfect!
Keep it up Toki and Jen!!! ^.^
bet you thought i stopped reading lol
Calm before the storm
Something's definatly happening. I don't know if anyone else recalls, but there was a little demon who came to tell him that his master was not happy he was around doing things above with her. Silly girl, you've got to admit to your feelings eventually! >.< If not you migh not get the chance too soon!
Ohhhhh please update soon! >.< Definatly no likie cliff hangers... lol
what? it ends?
i just read this whole thing through.. SURELY that hasn't been 300 pages already 0.o
OMG.. it HAS!?
When's the next update? XD
very catching story line!
Awww... i like her argument in the last panel! And how she's so pouty the bag changes color!
i ABSOLUTELY adore your shading.... >.< jealous
tis all good though. I am liking how this comic is coming along!!
I just read threw this whole thing in one evening. Even with my stupid headache, wasn't going to stop me. I must admit it was a slow begining i was really confused, but now i absolutely love it.
Keep it up. I shall be following. ^.^
April 26th, 2009
What is that spoon he is hiding for? 0.o
If it was david bowie he'd be a white owl instead of a stupid black CROW!

^.^ ** how cool would it be if it WAS david bowie!
XD i love that song!!! ^.^
*dances to the song in her head*
Isn't that the guy that was in his dream singing?
i didn't notice Cody was in a skirt till you said that! I had to go through and re-look at it!
no worries! had the same thought and starting thinking Coin Operated Boy lol
Eddie Izzard
"Cake or Death!?"
-uhh cake please?
"Alright give him cake.. >.>"
YAY! <3 Dredson Dolls! ^.^
coin opperated boy ish my favorite
the first filght!
that's going to be amazing!
bumpy lines??
isn't it suppost to be if you hold shift or something they come out straight?? *shrugs*

WOW it's been a long time since i've posted.. :S
September 15th, 2008
We'll still be here!
As much as we love updates we understand! ^^