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I'm an art student majoring in illustration. I also love reading and writing stories, but I've only recently gotten interested in comics. My favorite genres are sci fi and fantasy.
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@melaredblu: XD wait till the next page
I'm not even talking about Leo. Literally all rabbits will be destroyed when you join the dark side.
Sorry I'm Late
For once I have a real excuse which is that I moved last weekend and have been having problems setting up internet at my new place.
Yay! Page One of Historic Attempts!
I do have page 2 complete, so that should be up next week. After that, no promises.
@melaredblu: Thanks! Glad you like it!
Okay, but the cosmic imagery with the silhouette in panel 3 is really cool!

An orange spell?!?! MUHAHAHAHA! The color of true evil XD
@melaredblu: Yeah XD I was thinking og over-the-top silly angst, but there is clearly not enough angst in this chapter to be considered over-the-top.
Surprise Update!
I'm switching uploads to Thursdays for Princess Charming. I will have page one of Historic Attempts up next week, but moving forward, uploads may be inconsistent unfortunately since I only have a couple pages complete as of the time I'm writing this.
BEARLY hiding
You're not even trying in panel 3, are you Sensei Bear?
More Angst to Come
I feel like I could've pushed the angst in this back story. It's actually more of a 'meh' on the scale of perfect gingerbread house to MY PARENTS ARE DEAD...
@melaredblu: He didn't have a magical destiny, so he was just eaten by a normal bear, probably XD or maybe another death god brought him back in time so he could found Rome.
Clearly, Calypso is also an alternative version of earth, but one the shade considers far inferior. Gotta love his expression in that last panel XD
@melaredblu: I suppose if it had gone Plot Cat's version of right, we'd have a Plot Bear instead of a Sensei Bear.
It's helpful becasue
It's helpful because we need to shoe-horn in someone's back story, Kaitlyn!
You wanted a position as her underling, get used to the nicknames!
Why do I feel like this guy would make a better sidekick (mentor-ish thing?) than Leo to June's violent sensibilities, despite the fact that they're so clearly Eviiiillll.
Final Page of Alternative Damsels
This is the last page in this story. Until I get a chance to work on more pages from the second story (chapter-thing) called "Historic Attempts" Princess Charming is on indefinite hiatus.
It was nice to spend some time with the other characters, but I can't deny I've been missing this ruffian.
Super awesome sunset pose go!