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He's... Right behind you, Gail. As is [s]convenienttotheplot[/s] typical of his type.
Methinks Gail has realised her Dragon has an Agenda.
Lol, Sue... Yer gaydar's on the blink.

@RazorD9: It took me three days to get that.

Also, first rule of Popo's training.
Will's dead, isn't he?
Gail, might have better luck playing dumb if you were harder to read.

@Melbrinion: Engine.
Gail has no poker face, does she?
Well, the forget-me mojo saved your ass for now, Ben, but don't think your luck will let you survive Hammond's wrath if you do something stupid. You're still in danGer man.
Ben, Ben, Ben... When *will* you learn? The chick hangs out with a dude just this side of a killing spree. Forgetting her warning is one thing. Remembering it, then deliberately disobeying it? Nice knowin' ya.
Yeah, I was out drinking one day, and I got so drunk, I just stumbled on in.

Nah. Just kidding. Saw this site on the ads for another comic, decided, "Hey, the premise sounds interesting.", stopped by, started reading, been hooked ever since.
Whelp, Ben's dead. And maybe a bunch of Hammond's guys.
... Gail, you may as well have told her to get all up in his business, telling her to stay away like that.
Why do I get the feeling one of them is "The Art of Picking Up Women"?

On a more serious note, a certain adorkable supervillain might want to make sure those aren't DNA-locked and that copies actually work (by making another copy, natch).
So much for making it up to her... But let's protect the feewings of the fragile little delicate flower who's had her way all her life over the girl who's lost every guy she's liked to her best friend, amirite?
If only you could be that smooth with Tabby, huh, Gail?
Gail! It's a 1-up! Put it on!
Max, that's either the smartest thing you've done, or the dumbest, and it all depends on Gail's brains and reaction time.
Can can-can can-can can can can can-can?

On a more serious (and less linguistics-abusing) note... Gail, no. You do not need a clunky shield-polearm. Stick to the weapons you know. And Amber, Gail's been in fights and hung around gangs at least half her life. Do you REALLY think one kick is enough to convince her to back down? All you're doing right now is creating an opening.
@Xylas_Incarnum Good point, though, to be fair, that exact plate makes it a bad choice as a staff in the first place. Something that shape and size doesn't really have much use beyond being a shield, and, at the end of a staff like that... She should have snapped it off of its base if she could, rather than yanking it up, base and all. She's already made it to where the wires have to be replaced as it is (seeing as she didn't take the time to properly disconnect them), after all.
Whaddya know... Knives DO have reach.

Also, Amber, based on the shape of that lamp post in the previous page, you have a stick with a shield at the end of it! Even if Gail throws hard enough to pen it, you ought to be able to deflect the blade by angling the bottom bit right.
@sun tsu: Because nobody turns to crime because they gave up on finding honest work that pays the bills, right?

I get what you're trying to say, but considering Amber's never HAD to work, sounds more like a privileged, clueless idiot talking.