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Oh, don't worry, Jas. All those unpleasant memories of betrayal will be gone soon.

@DarkFlameOSecrets: More like a mandatory prisoner exchange.
Well, fuck.

This might be a problem. Gail's got a cell phone, right? Maybe she needs to let Tabby talk to him.
Calling it now: Jas is going to make his move to betray Gail at some point during this mission.

Also, I'm giving 50/50 odds that he kills Tabby's brother.
"Sean "go get that dick, girl" Evans" *laughs for several minutes*

So, was that joke Sean avenging his fallen shoe?
Honestly, Rebecca could have handled it much better, but Sean, maybe learn about her history with guys, especially where Amber's concerned, before you tell her to break up with the first one in apparently a long time who's not wanted Amber more than her?

Also, totally read "fhdjakflads" as "flapjacks" at first. I might be a little hungry.
@Melbrinion Then they're looking in the wroooong place. Javier's type don't generally play support roles.
When you're so strong, you can slam a knife into the ground hard enough to shorten the handle about three inches... :P

Don't do it, Amber!
He knew she was there, didn't he?

So, I see this hostage exchange going perfectly well with no complications whatsoever. And Amber confessing her long-hidden feelings for Gail.
That gleeful look on Rebecca's face...

Too bad he can't do that one dude's trick in Lethal Weapon and pop his shoulder out at will.
Uh, guys? It's awesome you two found love and all, but who's watching the prisoner?
lol That face in the 6th panel. That be pure impishness right there.
Gail and Amber are gonna have to team up against a superpowered Jas at some point in the future, aren't they?
Did Max always have heterochromia?

But yeah. Love how the first two sentences in the 6th panel are almost word for word Gail's decision to keep Will.
@sun tzu: To be fair, controlling the underworld wouldn't be that villain's only goal. Usually, the plans comic book villains have are rather deadly to everyone around not on the villain's side, or have the goal of forming a dictatorship, and are often often only marginally good for the villain's 'allies'. By design. That's why the villain would be a scumbag, not because they tried to kill someone they saw as a threat that wasn't going to be neutralised any other way.

Gail's not really interested in killing anyone other than Amber. Aside from a few robberies, she doesn't really even seem too interested in crime, beyond gaining enough money and power to take care of herself and her people. Torturing Max, again, was something she allowed out of (perceived) necessity. Killing Amber seems to be partly out of revenge and partly out of practicality. Putting the bystanders in danger was a diversion playing on Amber's need to play the hero (and was done knowing Amber would save the people instead of going after Gail). She didn't even want Will kidnapped. Jasper was acting on his own, and she chewed him out royally for it and had Sean make sure Jasper *didn't* torture him like he did Max. The only reason Will's still at the flower shop is because Gail wants to know what Jasper's up to, and she hasn't laid a hand on him, or even threatened to. Again, she may not be a good person, but 'scumbag' is a tad harsh.
@sun tzu Actually, Gail wasn't too enthused about torturing him, either. She permitted it as a necessity, rather than as a desire, and only because she knew he wasn't going to tell her what she wanted to know otherwise. Jasper's the one who was gung-ho to torture Max.

As to killing Amber, Amber's an enemy. Killing enemies is part of what happens when you draw battle lines on opposite sides of the law. Legalistically, yes, it's bad, but, from a moral standpoint, both parties know what they're risking and, when you play the hero, death's a risk you accept, and, again, yes, Gail's okay with killing Amber and has tried at least twice, but she's the only one so far that she's actively tried to kill. She's actively tried to avoid killing everyone else, with the sole exception of bystanders she knew Amber would rush to save (her goal being to buy time to escape, not to kill the bystanders).
Dammit Sean! Yer a bad guy! Don't just lackadaisically waltz around like nobody's ever going to follow you after one of yer gangmates stole someone!
He's... Right behind you, Gail. As is [s]convenienttotheplot[/s] typical of his type.
Methinks Gail has realised her Dragon has an Agenda.
Lol, Sue... Yer gaydar's on the blink.

@RazorD9: It took me three days to get that.

Also, first rule of Popo's training.