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I like Not!Froppy more with every passing comic.
I see nothing going wrong with this.
Oh no! It's Quadrangle Cranium!
@Drifter: If true, serves him right.
Well, he does get a sword in HM DS...
Like A Boss!
I think this is the most I can recall Willa speaking at one time.
I assume the Awkward chaser was free.
@Pohatu5: The "green cat" is Carol from Freedom Planet. Also pretty sure the girl behind Rose is Tsuyu from My Hero Academia.
I think they broke him.
That last panel: That is a face that says "Screaming Internally" if I ever saw one.
Just admit you don't know the Bells-to-Coins exchange rare, Mario!
@L. Mica: If you're gonna screw with the tropes of A Christmas Carol, screw with all of them!
"FYI, I have a backpack full of giant hammperspace tools and I know how to use them. Now how are you feeling?"
Welcome to the party, Rose!
What color would the heart icon be at Ganondorf's default level? Brown? Puke Green? Gray?
From what we've canonically seen, it doesn't take much to flip Ganondorf's switch from "Give peace a chance to" to "F*CK EVERYTHING."
Then she punched him in the face for setting her up, then rocked his world for coming back to save her.