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I am human or at least from what I can tell. i enjoy eating sleeping reading making stuff explode drawing and not using commas. I play the piano and few other instruments.I have recently come to dislike shading to a large extent but I'll have to live with that. i spend most of my time doing homework and draw only when i have free time. I am a humongous fan of steins;gate. I have only watched 5 or 6 times now
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an interesting thought
does charizard tail taste as good as slowpoke tail?
there's still a chance trip 'em and run
will the ask atty anything special chapter ever happen again?
thanks for the meal H0ly, can't wait for the next chapter
still don't believe george is a girl. probably a cleverly disguised trap
just a thought
The picture on the desks bares a slight resemblance to that rocket admin from mt. moon, possibly related?
Its a trap!!! doesn't matter who she works for just run, atty, run.
February 7th, 2015
the number one reason to evade hugs from sythers
As much as i think DT winning would be awesome Niobe should have almost half a meter in height on DT and has a pissed off trainer to boot.good luck DT and may Rat finally get some action
ah the sounds of the majestic space duck... i mean golduck
watch as dragonthing solos her team. She was able to survive being bubbled by a giant feraligatr as a charmander so this gym should be a breeze
over a speedo
Just a thought: he is to be wearing a speedo. it doesn't mean that there is stuff over it blocking said speedo from view.
December 6th, 2014
great stuff lovin' your work
I can see the SS Anne crashing with george on it
@Octothorper: I'm not sure where you got that information but my gen 1 charizard flies quite well
edit: but maybe that is because it is on yellow and not red or blue
@ChaosSorceror_Davidicus: it is shining but the speech bubbles get in the way
@Lanval: It might be because she had some sort of mental breakdown after they split up. This could have been caused by separation anxiety leaving her with a more distorted view of the world. but something broke, and there is no sign of it getting better
@P-Dizzy: well if you at first assume she never had any to begin with and was only faking it before, life is generally less stressful
but what if that microwave is actually a time machine (see steins;gate) i kinda want to see a gel-eevee as cruel as it may be.
I want to believe that george is secretly the true leader of team rocket and has mad lock picking and computer hacking skills. Just llok at that face it screams evil