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Scarce Rose
Woke up this morning, and decided to start my own web comic.

Had a dream about it's story last night, this dream could be the beginning of something great, or awful, guess we'll see with time...

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I feel he's gonna cry in the next pages... Those smiles... will turn into tears I feel it...
*OOOHO HO HO HO* I see a towel... :3

And I remember a towel in the *smexy* scenes too, so its coming soon *fufufufuf~*
:"( are those tears...
FAINTS AND FAINTS *///////////*
Don't tell me his plan is to close the door at night to prevent Kae from jumping into the bed next to him :) *smashes head on keyboard* GAAAAH I'm having so much fun just imaging what would be next, author you are such a brilliant awesome soul P_P <33333

WOW *clapping* she actually printed the pics!!! On large scale to top pfffft.

Just move on you idiot bitch. :)
So this is what actually was going on in the kitchen, I feel Inori and I wont blame him for his anger jealousy D:

You are truly an amazing comic author/artist I'm truly fascinated by all the events sequence and such <3333
Facing him and telling him how you feel <3
*O* Finalleh someone initiate the talk 8DDDDDDDDD
@Zeroshark: Your story is really something o_o

I can't wait to see how everything goes out later in the story, I re-read the past few chapters coz I felt a bit lost but now I'm on track again and I'm looking forward for the coming pages xD
Having them is the same page, Joa is waaaaaaay hotter than her 6_6 Dylan you fool you should've dated him long ago
^ I second that D:

I feel my soul will burst-out instead gaaah DX
OMG the updates.... 8DDDDDDDD I shouldn't be this excited coz of the vomit but I'm sooo happy and thrilled for the massive updates... Thanks a lot author <33333333333
@amanduur: OMG who's this hottie and I'm lucky I arrived right when you uploaded a new page *kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa* 8D
@DanishWolf: Hell yaa xD
The lady who spotted them kissing D:

@xenzii107: xD who knows, maybe I just got busted hehe~

Yes I do ship you, you guys are awesome :"D