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Just Dikku. More friendly, isn't it?

Likes: apples, procastrination, weirdness
Hobbies: writing, psychology
Occupation: Szczecin, Poland
Try to guess what game Vero is playing.

Sorry for another delay!
With this though, we're really close to finishing this chapter. I can't promise the pages will show up regulary since MousyM started quite hard time at her school.
Anyway I promise to bring something on my own soon so stay tuned~
I hope you all enjoy AW universum so far <:

Also, you can like our brand new page on facebook if you want to be notified about new pages:
@Angelz_Blaze: I'm so happy to read that you think about them this way ;u; I hope we won't disappoint you~
Wow, after so long there is a double update because Mousy had a motivation crisis or she was just lazy.
Anyway pages 11 and 12 of 1st chapter are already up \o/ Maybe we'll finish it this year.
@Noir-x: Co poradzisz, że Maja to leniwa dupa (choć twierdzi, że nie) xd
There will be no page this week since MousyM left for her holidays to grandparents. So yeah, she is unable to submit anything from there (and probably she don't have time to even draw)
Please enjoy this little pic in exchange.
Btw. this cute shota boy will appear in a 2nd chapter.
@potatoe1988: Oh, I've already asked friend of mine who is native English speaker to do a beta reading of previous pages D: But it's really kind of you and I'll keep that in mind and if it wouldn't be a problem I could ask you maybe in the future to check some pages.
So thank you in advance and for your offer. I didn't expect that :D
@arrowriver: Well, for first. Thanks for your kind words!
I'm a person in charge of storyline and dialoges so... Yeah it's true my first language is far from English but I admit I felt in it quite confident until I read that. Seems that I still need a lot of improvement OTL
Of course I'll gladly use your suggestion and we'll look for a beta reader.
I hope reading this story will be more enjoyable and understandable then!
Thanks for your comment!
It's not like you'd know if you listened to her for a while, b-baka Vero.

Thanks for your patience guys. Maya is currently on her trip and I just finished all my exams. Next week I'll be away but I guess she can somehow manage without me.
Anyway, please enjoy this page after a break~
@Thran-aniki: To są modernistyczne Patapony część 2^9alfa15 (cokolwiek z tego wychodzi xd) i są uważane za grę retro, ok xD
A co do głównego... Kurde blaszka, nigdy nie zauważyłam takiego podobieństwa OTL pewno dlatego, że Labirynt czytałam lata temu... już prędzej bym powiedziała, że to dorosły, czerwonowłosy Sora z Kingdom Hearts :"D
First page is up!
You may expect a sudden change of atmosphere in this chapter but no-one said it will be angsty all the time~ (though you should be thinking that way)
Thanks for keeping up with the story so far!
Happy Easter again everyone~
As you can see the page is up. I hope your holidays are less white than ours~
I wonder if we'll get to see more animal drawn by you because they're absolutely amazing!
Can't wait to see more of it! (:
Hm, I just hope little Ink isn't bullied by anyone in the castle.
I really love this story and wonderful art, I'm looking forward to see what will happen to this little cutie next!
Second page is up!
Hope you'll enjoy~
- Dikku.
So with this our comic is about to start.
See you soon on next pages!
- Dikku