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@ModeTheToad: dude same, I went back too.
@Confused1: "where are you going? Why are you stopping?"
@Rebecca22: then leave. This is the second time you've mentioned it. Honestly if you don't like it, just wait till it's over by checking to see if the pages have the same characters. We'll fill you in if any plot points crop up, just ask after.
I'm glad to see you and these pages!!
pretty sure its not lube
but there *are* many uses for gun oil ;)
@JesBelle: *shivers* that shit gives me nightmares
Can't wait to see what pissed Zakris off enough to (probably, accidentally) say "I wish you all were dead!".
All that ocean and she still a thirsty weirdo...
February 19th, 2016
Oooh girl, the skill progression on this comic is fantastic. Also every artist must submit to PS eventually :/ its okay though importing, contrary to pupolar belief, is not cheating.
`^` this chapter is just full of awkward denials and potential demonic possessions.
November 19th, 2015
No one seems to be giving up their pissy face just yet....
November 6th, 2015
Is that a D-eagle?
Hand cannon alert. Ultimate sign of a bad ass.
October 21st, 2015
Wow okay, I'm liking the comic, pretty qwirky but very original. Keep up the mayhem!
Well, shit.
holy fuck dragon husband WAS you.
ooooh gurl, I feel you.
there's no need to be a dick to your loyal priests Tez... X'(
Oh!! sorry about the technical terms! Some times I get carried away!
In motion:
^ really good for knowing what the heck the body does when things move

What Redikurai said about the swimmers--good stuff

And alternitively:
^for anatomy
^reference for not too muscly but muscly none the less
The inferior part of the rectus abdominous has a tendenous striation that cause what *looks* like a 5/6th pack but is not when skin is added (note: see the other side)

Most commonly a six pack (if you can attain one--it's not visible for everyone) looks like this :
when a layer of skin is added.

If any variation were to occur that would cause the lower muscle to bulge, it would be minuscule and would only occur in an extremely small percentage of the population.
Also notice the four gastric packs of the rectus abdominous are UNDER the rib cage and there is, in the upper most section of the abdominals, another pack. This section is more likely to develop.

Thank you for the example, though!
**note: the pectorals are not the muscle of the six pack but the muscles on the chest ^,^
Just some constructive criticism <3
The four "packs" of the rectus abdominous go under the thoracic arch/rib cage, if you have a six pack those extra two "packs" will go right under the pectorals (otherwise there really isn't anything directly under the pecks). The spade/shovel shaped muscle that's under the four pack should start on or slightly under the belly button.
But other than that, keep up the good work and great story telling!!