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Hello~ I love just trying out new things in my spare time but writing and art have got to be some of my favorites. I actually had a lot of things all planned out and am finally going out to finishing it up and uploading it~

I would love to improve so if you have any tips or suggestions on any of my comics or works I would love to hear it.
@rolycul: My internet is dying right now so I think I have to hold off on jumping in until it gets cleared up. Sorry.
@rolycul: Aww~ Thanks a lot. I was experimenting around a lil' with the coloring so I am glad it turned out well. Oh, that's nice to know~ This looked so cute I have been wanting to try out a collab too.

Out of curiousity, was anyone else planning on going next (turnwise)?
@Inxerene: lol Thanks~

@Scooter-harts-salty: Awww, thanks. I really like playing around with character designs so I am glad he turned out okay~

@Beauty_of_Syn: Thank you~
Name: Aeon Phillis

Age: 23

Animal: Crocodile

Personality: A easily embarrassed klutz that stubbornly tries to act aloof and nonchalant. He tends to initially react to everything from joy and cuteness to a man kicking puppies with the same scowl and glare. But fear not, despite his appearance, he has never won in a fight, whether it be with fists or wit.

Bio: After failing to pay the rent for his apartment in the city, he was kicked out and had to find a new place to stay. His wandering came to an end when he reached Honey Honey, attracted to its quaint and pretty peaceful nature. He also was particular fond of the fluffy and cute other residents. Although he has a mixed feelings of both adoration and envy for the other's 'fluffy cuteness'.

((This is my first time doing this so I hope I do well and get along with everyone~))